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Becoming a Marital Therapist in Montana

Marital Therapy or couples therapy (as it is now called) is the process of helping couples to sort out their issues in a therapeutic setting. This practice is usually performed by a licensed therapist who may be referred to as a psychiatrist, clinical social worker, pastoral counselor or psychologist in addition to a marriage and family therapist.  The duties of a marital therapist include listening to and understanding a couple to find out how their relationship functions. These therapists work to provide dialogue to couples that can help to normalize their feelings toward each other.  They also enable the people they work with to be heard and to hear themselves in a therapy setting. The expertise of a marital therapist is used to give couples advice on how they can make their relationships better and also how they can empower their relationships by making decisions that are detrimental to the happiness of both parties involved. If you feel like you could be good at performing the duties of a marital therapist then there are a variety of steps that you must go through in order to become one. Though the state of Montana does not have strict guidelines in place which dictate that people who practice as marriage therapists need to be licensed, in most other states these guidelines are in place and lead to a person taking steps such as getting a 4 year degree from an accredited university.  After this a person usually must go on to enroll in a graduate degree program in the clinical psychology discipline.  Though you may not have to have a license in the state of Montana to practice you still must have a graduate degree in clinical psychology to know how to perform the duties of a marriage therapist and provide your clients with the best in care and understanding.  Getting this degree is not an easy task and takes much focus and passion in order to obtain.

As getting a license to practice marriage counseling in most states dictates what the caliber of the practicing professional is, there are many steps to take in order to get to this point in your career.   In order to help those couples who need it most effectively it is suggested that you attend an accredited university, enrolling in the psychology discipline or a comparable discipline that can help you to get into a good graduate program.  While going through the undergraduate portion of your studies you may want to seek out all of the opportunities that you can in order to help your resume look appealing to a graduate school program.  In regards to this, opportunities such as going through an internship and getting research experience through your university may be a good way to show a graduate school that you are serious about getting into their program for clinical psychology.  In addition to this getting internship experience will help to guide you in your career by giving you a chance to see what the duties of a clinical psychologist are and how they go about their work day.

If you want to enroll into a psychology undergraduate program to start off your training as a marital therapist in Montana you can do this by first researching the requirements you need to get into this type of program at a local university.  In addition to going to an on campus university you can also find a variety of options for your training online.  As the schools online offer flexibility and a quality education you may want to seek this option first.