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Massachusetts Marital Therapist Daily Tasks

Martial therapists can face many different tasks. This question is very dependent upon the type of career you have chosen to work in, as there are many different positions a marital therapist can fill. Some choose to work within the court system, as a forensic martial therapist, while others prefer to work at a private practice. These two will function very differently.

Working as a forensic marital therapist means that you will be working closely with the court system. This can include many types of tasks, including mediating between couples who is seeking a divorce. Often couples who are this stage of their relationship have a difficult time conveying things without arguing or fighting, and the mediator is there to help the process go more smoothly. This can help everyone in the situation to have a better resolution. You will need to make sure that you are staying up to date on all of the laws in this situation so your daily tasks may include researching any changes that impact family court. Another part of your day will likely be spent reading through the case files, this will help you to inform yourself on the case you are dealing with.

Forensic martial therapists also work in the event of child custody cases. They can help to discover which parent is the best for the child’s interest. This can include working in situations where abuse is suspected. A marital therapist can provide a safe and unthreatening resource for the couple to discuss the problems, and bring to light for the court what is really going on.

On the other hand someone working in the private practice sector will likely spend their time working with individual clients. This can depend on how they choose to practice; there are multiple methods of therapy when dealing with couples. Some therapists prefer to see couples together, while others like to mix seeing them together and seeing them apart.

While working in a private practice aside from seeing clients you will also find that a good percentage of your day is spent dealing with paperwork. You may find that the time is spent reviewing notes and entering them into the computer or you might spend that extra time in your office studying new and different types of therapy. It’s important that you make sure that you are staying up to date on the latest in terms of research and therapy advancements. This will benefit your practice significantly.

As you can see there are different ways that you will end up spending your task time during the day. It will depend on what area of marital therapy that you choose to work in. These are just two examples of ways you could end up spending your day.  There are many other positions that are open for you to explore when you have a degree in martial therapy. Though there is no such thing as guaranteed employment you will have access to more opportunities’ than you did before you trained and got your degree.