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How to become a Marital therapist in Louisiana

If you are considering becoming a martial therapist, it is important to understand that this is an education heavy career path, it can often seem difficult and even overwhelming to consider this many years in school. However, you are considering a path that will allow you to help people when they are at their most vulnerable, and perhaps even help to repair relationships between couples. Louisiana like most states insists that you have a minimum of a master’s degree before you can practice as a martial therapist.

The first step in becoming a marital therapist in Louisiana is to get your education. This means that you will need to start by getting your bachelor’s degree. This step can be done in several ways. You’ll have choices when it comes to how you want to get this part of your education. Some of your options are community college, universities, both private and state, and online schools. All of these can be the proper choice for the right type of person, and each can have their downfall. Online schools for instance take a level of self commitment, and working independently that is not proper for some students. These can also become a problem if you aren’t’ careful when it comes to doing your research. Make sure that the education you are getting regardless of how you’re getting it is coming from an accredited source, if you are at all skeptical make sure to contact the department of education, and the licensing department so that you can get the proper information.

Universities can be expensive, however sometimes you will be able to stay at that university all the way through your education. Community colleges often only offer two year programs where you will have to transfer to a university. This can be difficult for some students, who don’t do well with change. Choosing where to get your education can be difficult, but make sure you are picking the place where you feel you are going to be most successful.

When you have your bachelors degree you will be ready for graduate school, this is where you will complete your master’s degree. This can also involve fulfilling some of the requirements of the state, including things like clinical time under a supervisor. However, some of that may need to be completed outside of your standard education.

Once your master’s degree is finished you can begin the process of applying to become a licensed marital therapist, you will have to take a state approved exam to ensure them that you know the area that you plan to work in. It will help them to get a better grasp on your level of understanding. You will also have to fill out the application, which can ask for your educational records as well as things like letters of recommendation, so be sure you have everything close at hand.

When you have met all the requirements, and you have finished your application you will have to wait for board approval, and then you will be able to being working in the area of marital therapy that most appeals to you.