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Marital Training in Arizona

Becoming a marital therapist in Arizona is a rewarding choice. You’ll be preparing to become the person that couples turn to in their time of need. Marital therapists can help couples to avoid something as painful as divorce. You’ll have the challenge of helping them learn to communicate their differences. Marital therapists are highly educated and trained individuals. When you’re considering a career in marital therapy the best place to start is by taking a look at the education requirements.

Arizona, like many other states, requires that you have at least a master’s degree before you can apply for a license in marital therapy. There are numerous ways that you can go about getting this education.

One option you have is to start at the community college level. You can work your way up from this level and you’ll be on the road to getting your degree in marital therapy. Community college can be a more affordable choice for some people. Often they have individuals on their staff that can help you to plan your class work to prepare you for the next level of your education. Community colleges can help prepare you for transferring to a university where you can get your bachelor’s degree.

Another choice you can consider is starting at the university level.  This choice would have you attending the same school through at least the bachelor’s degree level.

One other option you can consider when it comes to the training for your marital therapy degree is online schools. Many online schools these days can offer you the same level of education you would receive at a standard university. It’s important that you do your research when it comes to online schools. You’ll want to make sure that it is an accredited source for your education needs.  With so many different sources for online education it’s even more important to ensure you’re spending your time and money on a valid source. One way to ensure this is to contact the state licensing department and make sure that your school is on the approved list.

You will have to complete at least your master’s degree. For some this can be done at one school and for others you will have to transfer. When you have completed your master’s degree the next step in making sure you are getting the right amount of training is to take a look at the state requirements. Each state has different requirements when it comes to the amount of hours you spend in clinical practice. You will have to complete all of the state requirements within a two year period, so it’s important that once you start you are capable of finishing, otherwise you will likely have to start over.

Once you have met all of the state requirements regarding your education, and the amount of clinical hours you need to put in you can apply for your license. You will have to take an exam, to prove your knowledge in the area of marital therapy. Be sure that you have all of your records on hand as you will need to prove your education and training to the board before you can receive your license.

When the licensing process is complete you can begin working as a marital therapist in the state of Arizona. This can take on many different forms. You can work in a private practice where you share an office with other therapists, or you may even find that there are positions in corporations and more that you will now be qualified to apply for.