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Becoming an Educational Therapist

Educational therapists provide an invaluable and essential service to those individuals who have trouble with learning. Without educational therapists, those people, mostly children and teenagers, would be left without the help that they require to be able to live normal, healthy and happy lives. Educational therapists help to diagnose and treat many different educational deficiencies and problems including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,(ADHD), autism, and numerous other educational problems faced by the patients they see. Educational therapists also help to provide support to their patients families and loved ones by giving them an understanding as to what is going on with their child and how it can be alleviated.

Educational therapists are in constant high demand and have very good job retention. No matter where one goes in the country, they are sure to be able to find a job in the field of educational therapy. There are many choices and alternatives as to where an educational therapist can work. They may learn how to become an educational therapistwork in schools, professional education centers, or they may have their very own private practice set up. Typically, educational therapists make between $50,000 and $80,000 per year but some may make more or less depending on where they are located in the country and where they choose to work.

How do you become an Educational Therapist?

Becoming an educational therapist is a difficult but not impossible task. It requires a great deal of schooling and training. For those individuals who are set on becoming an educational therapist, this will definitely present quite a challenge, but a challenge that is readily overcome with a load of hard work and dedication. Hard work and dedication are two things an educational therapist should always have.

A four year college degree, preferably in an education related field like early childhood development or special education, is required. This degree can be from any university or college but in order to become a certified education therapist, you will need to take certain classes designed to get you trained in educational therapy.

The national Association of Educational Therapists, or AET, is the place where new educational therapists get their certification. In order to be a certified educational therapist, an individual must meet the strict educational and training standards set forth by the AET. The Association has several accredited schools in California and one institute, the Educational Therapist Institute, in Chicago, IL. All of the required academics and training can be gotten at any of those schools. For those people who don't live near any of the Association of Educational Therapists accredited schools there is another option. They may be able to obtain the necessary educational and training requirements form a local college or university. Those students should consult with their school's counselor to find which classes meet the AET's specific guidelines. Once the classes are determined, the student can then work out a class schedule that will ultimately lead them to the goal of becoming a certified educational therapist.