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Becoming a Child Therapist

Becoming a child therapist is a long and very difficult journey but one that has many great benefits. Child therapists are able to help children overcome the problems they are having in coping with issues in their lives. They also get to help the families of those children learn to help the children themselves and, more importantly, they are able to help the children learn to help themselves. That may be the most rewarding part of the job as a child therapist.

The decision to become a child therapist is not one that should be made lightly. It can be a rewarding job but it can also be a very hard job. Only those individuals who have a strong desire to help children and their families should pursue the path to becoming certified child therapists. A great deal ofbecome a child therapist education and training goes into making a career as a child therapist. An individual must take up a course of study that is psychology or psychiatry oriented. Courses focusing on early childhood development and childhood learning are especially helpful as they will give the future therapist a better insight into the minds of children.

Often, people who have studied to be social workers, teachers, other types of counselors or therapists, and nurses will find that studying to be a child therapist is not unlike the studies they have already undertaken. Individuals with those kinds of backgrounds will transition very easily into the study and training to become child therapists.


Finishing the schooling and training necessary to become a child therapist is just the first step you have to take. The next step is becoming board certified or licensed to practice child therapy. Proving yourself to a certification or licensing board is the last step to becoming a full fledged child therapist. Once you get your license or certification, it is then time to decide where and how you want to work.

Private practice is the way to go for those individuals who would like to earn more money and who would also like the luxury of picking and choosing which cases they would like to take on. One can decide to have their private practice in conjunction with other private practices, in the same offices for example, or they could go it alone with their own standalone office. Either way, private practice can be very lucrative for a child therapist.