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Choosing the right Group Therapy programs in West Virginia

West Virginia has a variety of group therapy programs for you to choose from but choosing the one that will work best for you is a matter of your personal preferences as well as the quality of the school you are thinking about attending.  Becoming a group therapist involves a number of years of schooling as well as many other activities that make this field a relatively difficult one to go into for some.  The minimum requirement that many states have in terms of becoming certified in the field is that a person hold a master’s degree in group therapy or clinical psychology.  Though a master’s degree is required, when pursuing your higher education you may want to look at various doctorate degree programs as well.  This is because getting a doctorate to practice as a clinician can open your world to a range of possibilities in terms of salary and job positions.  A person holding a doctorate degree in the clinical psychology field can not only go on to practice group therapy but many other types as well increasing the chance that they will find a job that is well adapted to their personal preferences.  When you are in the market for a school to attend it is important to keep in mind what goals you have in your career path in order to choose the right degree program at the undergraduate level.  When choosing a school it may also be important to you whether you want to go to school online or through an offline university.  Though both have benefits and downfalls many people in these times are beginning to seek online options for their schooling because of the flexible schedule that you can often get using this method.  In addition to this going to school online can offer students a cheaper tuition fee as well.

When choosing an undergraduate degree program at a traditional 4 year university many people seem to pick the psychology discipline that want to become group therapists.  This is not to say that you absolutely have to pick this major to get into the group therapy degree program at a grad school of your choosing.  Other majors that some pick can include ones like sociology and social work just to name a couple.  The main point to realize when choosing degree program course work is to pick courses that correspond the most to your planned graduate school goals.  In regards to this, it may be appropriate to pick some classes outside of your major but picking too many will not be very appealing to graduate school admissions offices.  As you absolutely have to get a master’s or doctorate degree to become a therapist it is important that your course work reflects your desire to do this.  In addition to this there are certain things that you can do to further increase your chances of getting into a good grad school as well. One thing that you can do is to take up a research or internship opportunity relatively early on in your undergraduate career.  As graduate schools look for extracurricular activities such as these you cannot go wrong with choosing the right internship or research experience with one of the professors in your major. 

Once you are in graduate school there are a few majors that you can choose from that can translate into a group therapy career for you including clinical psychology.  At the doctorate level clinical psychology can offer you the opportunity to work in a multitude of different settings and with many types of people with different disorders.   If this line of work is your passion then you may be encouraged by the increased opportunity you get to help people once you graduate from whatever degree program you choose.  Though getting a doctorate may be more beneficial there are also a range of settings that you can work in with your master’s degree.  This should comfort those who want to pursue this degree but not to the fullest extent that they can.  Becoming a group therapist can be a very rewarding field for the practitioners and as it is a job that is on the rise you may want to start taking the necessary steps to work in this field today.