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Is Washington a good place for a Group Therapy Career?

In Washington as well as other places around the US there has been a steady increase in the number of psychology jobs that are available to people interested in pursuing this type of work in recent years.  One job that is on the rise in many areas is in group therapy.  A group therapist is a person that works with others to improve their relationships and emotional status through group therapy.  This type of therapy is used for a variety of different groups of people including those that are suffering from disorders such as depression to those who simply may be having family or marital issues that they need to talk to a practitioner about. The job of a group therapist in Washington can involve assessing the mental states of people they work with as well as completing a host of insurance paperwork in order while doing so.  The average salary for a group therapist in this area can reach numbers of up to 100,000 dollars or more for those practitioners that own their own clinics and those who practice as specialists in the field.  Though it takes much work in order to get to this point in their careers, becoming a group therapist has many rewards.  One thing that a group therapist may benefit from includes a sense of self worth because of the nature of their work.  In addition people who work in this field may also feel self fulfilled by being able to accomplish their goals and work in a field that they love.  There are many other benefits to becoming a practitioner as well including a great salary and benefits.

In order to become a group therapist you must become certified in the state and the certification process often starts with getting an undergraduate degree in the psychology discipline.  During your undergraduate stage it can be detrimental to your future graduate school career for you to seek out research and internships in order to further your education.  These opportunities will aid you into getting into graduate school as well as in your future endeavors as a group therapist.  This is because you will gain knowledge necessary for your success in the field if you decide to take on research and internships that are relevant to your goals.  In addition to this going to a school such as a 4 year university is not your only option when it comes to your undergraduate career.  In today‚Äôs changing world many people opt to take classes online so that they can have the option of being on a flexible schedule as well as to pay less money than with traditional university settings.  If you are thinking about getting your undergraduate degree online then there are many resources that can help you to make the best decisions in this area.  One thing to take into consideration when attempting to find an appropriate online school to attend is if the school you choose is an accredited one or not.  As you must go through accredited degree programs in order to be certified for a variety of jobs in the field of psychology or any other field it is important that you check this with any school you decide to go to, both on and offline.  In addition to going to school online people who want to start on the path to this career choice may also decide to take some classes at the community college level.  This gives them a chance to better transition into college right after high school.  It is also a lot less expensive to attend a community college and then transfer to a 4 year university in most cases.

Though getting your degree in group therapy can be a tough road to go down it is important that you continue to stay focused on your goals when going through degree programs.  This will not only ensure that you get the job that you want in Washington upon graduation but it can also help you to earn the highest pay that you can in your field.  In addition to this the amount of time that you spend working on your goals of becoming a group therapist the better you can help those people who rely on you for their mental stability.