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Group Therapy Careers in Virginia

In Virginia a person can get to practice in the group therapy career path by enrolling in a four year university and then going on to graduate school in order to get the required master’s degree in the field.  As a group therapist works with a multitude of people in order to help them cope with issues they may be experiencing in their daily lives.  Group therapist must learn a variety of different techniques and diagnostic skills in order to accomplish the goal of treating patients adequately and with expertise they gain from the years of school they go through.  If you are an individual that wants to become a group therapy practitioner then it is important to realize the amount of work you must do to be certified can be tough to accomplish.  In addition to going to school for a number of years to get your master’s or doctorate degree it is important to get experience in the field through hands on clinical trials.  These trials not only prepare you for the job ahead by letting you experience the job duties of a group therapist, it also helps you to figure out what you may want to specialize in when working as a practitioner.  The next step in the process of certification involves taking a state mandated exam upon graduation from your graduate degree program.  Taking this test offers you the opportunity to use the knowledge you learned in school in a comprehensive manner in order to ensure that you have the skills necessary for the job ahead.  As all of these steps are required for you to work in this field it is necessary to have a clear reason for wanting to be a group therapist.  Having a passion for the job is one key that can help you to be successful.

If you are looking for work in Virginia as a group therapist you can use a variety of resources in order to find a position in your area.  One thing that you can do is look on the various sites that offer job searches around the US.  As group therapists can work in a variety of settings some jobs that you get in the field could be at a mental health facility, hospital, or nonprofit clinic among others.  Those who earn the highest salaries often go on to open their own clinics in order to set their own salaries and schedules.  This offers the benefit of flexibility and a chance to head your own staff if you want to.  Though it takes much work in order to open a business for yourself the benefits far outweigh the negatives in this case.  Other places that therapists work can include government clinics as well which offer a competitive starting salary for a great number of practitioners.  As mentioned, in order to get to the level of practitioner you must realize that this can take a lot of focus both in and out of school and choosing the right schools can help you to get a job that is suited to your specific interests after you graduate.  This is necessary if you want to continue to have a passion for working in this field as many practitioners can experience burnout because of the demands put on them in a clinical setting.

Though the group therapy career is a hard one for many to pursue because of the amount of work you must put in to reach your goals you should not let this scare you because there are many resources both in school and out that can help you on the way to your goals.  One thing you can do in your undergraduate studies is to find mental health facilities early in your career in order to shadow practitioners and learn if this is the right job for you.  In addition to this you can ask the instructors in your school about various things you can do to make sure you become successful when it comes to getting into grad school.   Doing activities such as researching internships and doing research in this field can also help you to familiarize yourself with the various jobs you can acquire in the psychology field besides being a group therapist.