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How to Become a Group Therapist in Vermont

Vermont offers a variety of jobs for people working in the psychology discipline including many group therapy jobs.  A group therapists works with people that present emotional, social, or cognitive deficiencies in order to help them live a more normal life through sessions that address their issues in a group setting.  This technique for dealing with certain problems has been proven to work for a variety of patients across the board.  The job of a group therapist is not only one that presents the practitioner with the rewarding opportunity to help others but also offers a very competitive salary for many who work in the field.  Group therapists that open their own practices can make more than 90,000 dollars each year.  In addition to this a host of other types of therapists can earn salaries the range from 40-70,000 on average.  In the case that you want to become a group therapist it is necessary to keep in mind that this takes a long time in most cases.  The average group therapist has a master’s degree in group therapy or clinical psychology and this is required by many states in the US.  Therefore if you are planning on studying to be a group therapist you must prepare yourself to get your graduate school degree at some point in your academic career.  Though getting a master’s degree can be a feat that takes a lot of hard work, through having a passion for this field you can reach your goals with less hassle then if you do not.  In addition to this getting your doctorate degree in clinical psychology can help you to open up a variety of additional job markets besides just group therapy.  A doctorate degree is not only good for this but it is also good for substantially increasing your salary in the field.

In order to get the training necessary to be certified to practice as a group therapist enrolling into a 4 year college in a discipline geared toward reaching this goal is a necessary first step.  When choosing between colleges it may be important to you to decide if you want to go to a school on or offline.  Though going to a school on campus offers benefits such as close contact with other peers and a better relationship with instructors in many cases, going to school online has its benefits as well.  Some of these benefits can include getting to work at your own pace through the flexible schedules that many online classes present to students.  In addition to this going to school online to get your undergraduate degree can be a less expensive option than going to an on campus university.  You can also get a graduate degree in the psychology field from a few online universities which can lead to a group therapy job for you in the near future.  All of these benefits to going to school online should not be taken for granted as this method of education is quickly becoming the wave of the future in many areas of the US.

Becoming a group therapist also involves a grueling amount of research and study in graduate school.  During your undergrad years you should be preparing yourself for the rigors of a grad school education through taking all of the opportunities that you can in order to get the experience you need to succeed.  Some opportunities that you can look into include internship and research opportunities.  These not only give you experience in the field but they also look very good on a resume or application to a graduate school that you are interested in.  As getting into graduate school in the psychology discipline is becoming more challenging every year it may be important to you to make sure that you put yourself above the rest by doing all that you can to stand out.  In regards to this doing research and an internship during your undergraduate years can give you a good reputation within your university which can translate to a higher chance of getting into a grad school of your own choosing.  After you complete your masters or doctorate degree in grad school plus the more than 300 hours of clinical experience that you need to be certified you can then take the certification exam in order to get your license and practice in this field.