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Texas Group Therapy Programs

When thinking about becoming a group therapist in Texas it is important to realize that there are many steps involved in the process of becoming certified in the field.   This includes many years of educational training as well as internships, clinical experience, and research.  Though this may seem scary to some, becoming a group therapist can offer many benefits to practitioners.  Some of these benefits include a competitive salary and benefits as well as the opportunity to help those people in need who are suffering from cognitive, emotional, and social problems.  As certification is a must in order for you to practice in this field it is necessary to heavily research what you need to do in order to get to this point.  One of the first steps that many who want to work in this field take is to go to a 4 year university and choose a major that is applicable to this field.  Though you can choose other majors, psychology is the most picked when it comes to people wanting to practice as group therapists.  This is because the psychology major offers students the chance to get a foundation of learning in the field.  In addition to this the psychology discipline is applicable to a variety of other fields besides group therapy which is why this job is one of the fastest growing in the nation today.  It is expected that the number of therapists will continue to rise in the future as more health concerns are associated with bad mental states in people.  This may be viewed as a comfort to the many people who decide to study in this profession in the future.

Group therapy training involves going to graduate school to get at least a master’s degree in the field.  This is because it takes a number of years to embed various techniques into the brains of those who seek to become practitioners.  These people must go through many hours of clinical trials as well in order to ensure that they have the hands on experience necessary to be successful in the field.  In addition to this an exam is also a necessity when trying to be certified to practice.  As your career in graduate school and after you graduate may be greatly challenging it is necessary to have a passion for this type of work if you are thinking about pursuing it.  Having this passion will not only help you during your professional career but throughout your educational career as well.  Many graduate schools require that applicants to their degree programs show this type of passion through their school work as well as through essays they must submit to these schools.  In terms of your graduate degree application it is also necessary to show that you have a high level of interest in the group therapy degree program through the activities you perform while in your undergraduate stage of training.  Activities such as joining a variety of clubs that pertain to your proposed major in graduate school can boost your rating with a school and increase your chances of getting into a master’s or doctorate program.   When deciding whether you want to pursue your master’s or doctorate degree in group therapy or clinical psychology it is important to realize that the higher you go up in education the higher your salary will be initially.  In addition there are many more job positions in the psychology field that are made available to you the higher you go up in education.  This can not only boost your chances of becoming the group therapist that you want to be but also boost the chances of you landing a position that you are comfortable with in the long run.  Because it takes so much training and focus to become a group therapist it would not be wise to waste any opportunities that you may have for salary growth in the field. 

If you want to pursue this career path then there are a variety of resources that you can use in order to do so but many start by looking for online schools or schools in their area that offer this type of degree program at the graduate level and starting to build toward the goal of completing this program.