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Group Therapy Job Outlook in Rhode Island

The job market for group therapists in Rhode Island as well as many other areas in the US is growing at a substantial rate according to a variety of sources.  This means that your training in the field can not only lead to a good job but one that is stable over time as more and more people are seeking the help of therapists in order to curb health costs because of unhealthy lifestyles which stem from unfavorable mental activity.  The job outlook for a variety of other practitioners in the mental health field is also growing because of this reason.  In addition to offering job stability and growth the group therapy position offers a competitive salary depending on what setting you find yourself in.   Government and educational settings especially offer great salaries, and group therapists as well as a variety of other psychology positions are beginning to be in high demand in these places.  Though educational positions can pay therapists and counselors more than government jobs, the government still offers a very good salary.  In order to get the most in this field in terms of yearly earnings, many try to go into business for themselves so that they can set their own salaries. The rate of private practices in this field is also going up making the job outlook better than many other jobs in the US, but in order to get to the point of opening up your own private practice it is important to go through a training process that can be very demanding for the people involved.  This is because in order to practice in this field in the state of Rhode Island you must have at the very least, a master’s degree.  This can be obtained by going to graduate school on or offline, but in the case of those who want to go to a traditional graduate university it is important to take advantage of all the on campus resources offered that you can in order to progress in your major. 

One of the first steps that you must take in order to start down your path of becoming a group therapist is going to an undergraduate school that offers a course load in the psychology discipline.  Though you may be able to get into graduate school and study group therapy without a psychology degree specifically (think sociology and social work), taking course in applied psychology may offer you a better foundation for the work ahead.  In addition to enrolling in a traditional university of your choosing to complete your undergraduate degree you can also enroll online for a decrease in tuition and the ability to have a more flexible schedule.  This can be good for those who want to work while attending college or for those who have other things to tend to while in school.  In addition, going online can often be a way to get a quality education that focuses on you setting your own pace.  This can help you to learn how to make goals for yourself and meet them whether or not someone tells you to directly, which can be a very important skill to have in life. 

In addition to going to class, during the undergrad level it may be important for you to think about joining a variety of extracurricular activities such as clubs and research programs that your university offers.  This can help you to get better recommendations to graduate school as well as give you some experience in the group therapy field.   In addition to this researching internships can give you the hands on experience that many graduate schools want from their students.  As building your resume for your next step in the process of becoming a group therapist is very important to your future success it may be in your best interest to spend all of the time that you need reviewing what the graduate schools that you are thinking about applying to expect from applicants as early as freshman year.  This will help you to be prepared and better reach your goals.  In addition to getting into graduate school another tough part of working toward the goal of being a group therapist happens while in graduate school with the many hours of research and clinical experience you must complete, but though this may be tough becoming a group therapist is viewed as worth it for many if not for the job outlook alone.