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What is a Career in Group Therapy Like in Alabama?

In Pennsylvania there are many positions available all over the state in the field of clinical psychology or group therapy, and when pursuing your goal of working in this field it is important to know all of the steps you must take.  Many people start their training as group therapists by attending a 4 year university and studying the discipline of psychology in order to get the basics necessary to work as therapists.  Though you can choose other majors at this stage of the game, having a foundation in applied psychology can give you more opportunity to get into the degree program that you desire at the graduate level.  In the case that you choose another major for your graduate studies it is important to choose classes that most closely associate with studying in the group therapy field later in graduate school.  This is because doing this makes it easier for you to stand out to a graduate admissions program that offers the group therapy or clinical psychology discipline.  When you are choosing what type of university to go to it is therefore very important that you learn to spot what types of classes they offer that will help you on the path to your chosen career field.

In addition to going to school at a 4 year university, you can get started down the path of becoming a group therapist through first going to a 2 year school or community college.  This will not only aid in your transition to your 4 year undergraduate program but can also give you the opportunity to attend a smaller college (in most cases) that offers you a more hands on approach to learning.  The community college tuition is also cheaper than a 4 year university’s and they often pay you for attending instead of the other way around.  In order to make the decision of which path to take on the way to your goals it is important to know your own personal needs and what works for you.  In addition to going to a 4 year university on campus or community college, many schools online offer courses in psychology at the undergraduate level and some can also be home to very good master’s degree programs as well.  Though going to school at a traditional university can give you more hands on experience, online schools are often cheaper and more flexible when it comes to your schedule.  This can be an ideal thing for those who work or have other obligations to take care of.   During the undergrad stage of your career training it is important to start thinking about graduate school relatively early on.  Through activities such as gaining internship experience as well as research experience you can increase your chances of getting into a quality graduate school that can propel you in your career path.  As it is important to most of us to get a competitive salary, these steps are detrimental to your future success.

If you are a person that is interested in becoming a group therapist then it’s necessary to keep in mind that there is much work to be done beyond the undergraduate level as well.  Getting to practice in this field requires at least a master’s degree in the state of Pennsylvania and because of this going to graduate school is a must.  During graduate school you will learn a variety of techniques and about what types of disorders are common in a group therapy setting.  During this time you will also complete clinical experience hours that are geared toward giving you the hands on experience you need to be an asset to the field.  If you really want to pursue this job position then it is in your best interest to focus heavily on reaching your goal of finishing graduate school which can be stressful for many people who attempt this.  During graduate school you will work to prove yourself worthy in the profession, and depending on your grades and activities pertaining to the field at this stage you can substantially increase your chances of landing a job that you can be proud of.  This is why it is so important to do the best you can to keep yourself on track during your training.