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Group therapist Salary in Oregon

Group therapists work in a variety of settings in order to help assess and treat patients dealing with a variety of mental and emotional concerns.  These types of jobs are viewed as very beneficial to those involved because of the competitive salary they present as well as the chance to help others with a host of needs.  Group therapists can specialize in different areas in order to increase their salary options including those who specialize in techniques like play therapy, and family therapy.  Many of the clinical psychologists and group therapists that work using these techniques can also open up their own clinics in order to further increase their salaries.  Like with many other jobs where you work is one of the prime factors in determining the salary that you enjoy.  Those who work for government organizations often make an average amount of around 50-60,000 dollars per year while those who work in mental health clinics can make lower than this (around 40,000 dollars on average for someone starting out).  In addition to these factors, others factors that influence pay include the amount of experience you have in the field as well as what type of experience.  As with all jobs as well, the type of degree you hold has a substantial impact on not only salary but the types of positions that you can get in the clinical psychology discipline.  Though group therapists can work in a variety of settings with a master’s degree, getting your doctorate can really boost the number of jobs you are eligible for when it comes to being a therapist in general. 

In order to become a group therapist there are a few measures you must take including enrolling in a 4 year university and going on to complete a graduate school degree in the discipline.  There are many resources available to help you decide which school to attend in Oregon including online options and by visiting the colleges in your area to see if they are a good fit for your future career goals.  In addition to going to school on a 4 year campus, many students decide to first get their foot in the door of the psychology field by first seeing if they can get into a community college that offers some basic and transferrable classes.  This can save you money in the long run as well as ease your transition to a full on university which you may need if you are not a person that thinks they will adapt well to a large university right out of high school.  If you have not gone to school in a while then going to a community college first can help you with your transition as well.  Another option that potential college students can take include going to school online during their undergraduate career.   Many online schools may also offer the courses you need in their master’s degree programs as well so this may be something you want to keep in mind during this stage of your training.  In addition, going to school online may be cheaper than going to a large university in Oregon.  They also offer very flexible schedules that can help you if you are a person that has to work as well as go to school.

Getting the salary that you want for being a group therapist often involves doing your best to come out on top in graduate school and researching the best positions available in your area.   Some group therapists may even want to look into relocating to an area that offers a more competitive salary if they are not satisfied with what is offered where they live.  Shopping around for the best jobs is a smart idea for any field you decide to join and this can boost your job satisfaction by ensuring that you are able to work at a place that you feel you fit into.  In regards to this, though the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment you get from your job may increase substantially if you get to work at the place that you want to it is important to keep in mind that getting to this point takes much hard work through your undergraduate and graduate studies.