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Group Therapy careers in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma there are many different types of jobs that a person can do who has just graduated from a graduate degree program in clinical psychology, including the job of a group therapist.  As group therapists work with a variety of people to assess and treat their cognitive, emotional, and social deficiencies this is not only viewed as very rewarding work by many but also as  a job that has a range of applications to various institutions as well.  Group therapists can work in mental health facilities as well as hospitals and for nonprofit organizations just to name a few.  This variety of settings offers the practitioner a choice between many salary and benefit options and also offers them a stable job that is on the rise in the US.  In Oklahoma especially group therapists are used to help many people to cope with the stresses of daily life through the sessions they offer.  Performing this type of work involves a variety of steps during the training process including many years of school and a host of clinical trial hours to be completed.  This is why it is important for you to be sure that this is the type of career you want to pursue in your life before making the decision to go to graduate school and get your master’s degree, which is the minimum requirement to practice as a group therapist.  Thinking about your career path seriously is important for your future success as well as the happiness you experience from your line of work.

If you want to become a group therapist then one of the first steps that many take is enrolling in a 4 year university that has the psychology degree program.  In addition to this you could also make a point to get your undergrad education online in order to have a more flexible schedule and to pay less for your education in many cases.  Many master’s degree programs are also available online through certain schools so you can effectively get all the education you need to be successful through this method.  If you are a single parent or have to work to pay for your education then going to school online may really benefit you, but if you are not good at motivating yourself to do the work required in these schools then going to a traditional university may be the best option for you.  During this time there are many activities that you can look into that can help you to make the decision of whether a group therapy career is in your best interest.  One of these activities can be to shadow an actual group therapist in order to see what the job demands and what functions you may be performing in a mental health setting.  In addition a good resource to take advantage of could be a research program that may be offered at your university. Though research skills are not required for some graduate schools pursuing this type of experience can help you to get into better graduate schools and thus gain a better experience in terms of your future career path.  You can also take advantage of internship opportunities so that you can get hands on experience in the psychology discipline and volunteering is also a good idea for people who are trying to get into graduate school.  Though volunteering is not paid work, this can really show a graduate school that you are interested in that you are serious about attending. 

In addition to going to an accredited undergraduate and graduate degree program, in order to get your certification to practice it is also necessary to take an exam and to go through plenty of hours of clinical experience even before this point. The experience that you gain during your clinical trials will help you to apply the knowledge that you gain during your coursework to actual patients in order to help them with their problems.  This is also a way to ensure that you are familiar with the hands on practices and procedures that all group therapists must do.  After getting this type of experience you are almost done with what it takes to become certified but it is important to realize that the learning process for group therapists is never over and throughout your career you will be learning new techniques and applying them to your patients.