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Group Therapy Job Outlook in North Dakota

In North Dakota a group therapists can make a good living through helping other to reach their emotional and social goals.  The positions in this field often demand a variety of skills including assessing a clients issues as well as using various clinical techniques such as play therapy for children and family therapy for entire families.  When it comes to job outlook for this type of work, the position of group therapist offers a stable job and job opportunities that are expected to rise in the years to come.  This may be viewed as good news to those that are interested in the field especially with the number of jobs in the US that are beginning to be eliminated as a result of the rising influence of technology.  In addition to this, other benefits to becoming a group therapist include the amount you can earn.  Some that work in this field can make up to 100,000 as they gain the education and experience necessary.  Though most make substantially less than this at about 40-50,000 dollars starting off, people who start their own clinics that offer group therapy sessions are among the top percent of earners.  In addition, though benefits are abundant in this line of work the training process to become a group therapist is one that takes many years of school.  In addition to this there are also many hours of supervised and unsupervised clinical work that must be completed before a group therapist can get a license to practice as well as an exam that will test you in all areas of your psychology knowledge. 

In order to become a group therapist in North Dakota a few steps must be completed the first of which is enrolling in an undergraduate degree program in the psychology discipline or another applicable discipline.  Another discipline that many people decide to pursue at the undergraduate level includes social work.  During your undergraduate years it may be important to involve yourself in a variety of activities in order to gain the proper experience to move on to the next level of graduate school.  As getting at least a master’s degree is required for many states including North Dakota, it is imperative that you take your undergraduate career seriously in order to show graduate school admissions offices that you really want to study in their degree programs.  There are a number of ways that you can show them that you want to do this including taking up research opportunities dealing in clinical psychology and looking for internships that can help you to succeed in your future career path.  In addition taking the GRE test is necessary to get into graduate school so you should prepare yourself for this exam early in your undergraduate career.  In order to succeed to the best of your abilities it is necessary that you also have a passion for this type of work.  The job of a group therapist or clinical psychologist can be one that is often stressful for practitioners because of the nature of the work.  Dealing with people’s emotions can really take a toll on you  be sure that you are ready for the experience in front of you if you plan on pursuing this career path.

The demand for group therapists and clinical psychologists is spurred by rising health costs due to a variety of emotional issues that people may experience that can lead to heath issues.  For example unhealthy lifestyles that incorporate dangerous activities such as obesity and smoking can be assessed and treated by group therapists and clinical psychologists which will in turn lower health concerns.  This is one of the many benefits to working as a group therapist and it is one that encourages many people to join the ranks of the many practitioners that work in the field.   In addition to this it is necessary to realize that the job outlook for this position is good due to the impact that things like technology have had on the people of the US which can lead to issues like depression for those who have lost their jobs due to this technology.  This makes the job of a group therapist multifaceted and very beneficial to the population as a whole.