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What Types of Group therapist are in New York?

In the state of New York group therapy is a field that is on the rise because of the increasing number of people that have professed mental issues and emotional issues that hinder them from functioning correctly in their daily lives.  In order to work in this field it is necessary to have a Master’s degree or a Doctorate depending on the setting you want to work in.  The job of a group therapist in New York and other areas across the country can also involve using a variety of techniques in order to assess and treat people with certain types of issues or disorders.  The techniques that group therapists uses as well as their diagnostic skills come from a long time spent studying these aspects of the job during their undergraduate and graduate degree programs which is why if you want to pursue this job then you may want to ensure that you have a passion for this type of work first.  Throughout your graduate career in this field you will be subjected to a variety of classes that will teach you various aspects of clinical psychology.  Some of these aspects will be geared toward learning various group therapy techniques and using these techniques in a clinical setting and in regards to this clinical trials are a must to complete because they will give you the hands on experience and help you to figure out if you want to specialize in giving group therapy to a particular group of people.   Often specialists make a significant amount more in terms of salary so this aspect of becoming a group therapist is not to be taken lightly.   In addition to this many specialists may have more flexible schedules which can help them to feel even more comfortable with the positions that they hold in the work force. 

If you are thinking of becoming a clinical psychologist or group therapist then it is important to realize that there are a few different types of these therapists that specialize in various different treatments.  For adolescents or adults a group therapist may specialize in counseling or psychotherapy as well as analytic psychotherapy. Those working with this demographic can also specialize in treatments such as child centered guidance of parents and family therapy.  Depending on what your experience is in the field and what settings you have worked in during your undergraduate and graduate studies you may also become a therapist that specializes in activity group therapy or play therapy for children.  This is why it is important to ensure that you know what settings and what path you want to work towards and there are many resources available online or through a local library that can help you in making this decision.  If you truly want to become a group therapist in New York many start off by getting their undergraduate degree in psychology and then go on to get their master’s, then doctorate in the field.  Though getting a master’s is the minimum requirement for  many establishments that offer group therapy in New York, pursuing a doctorate degree can help you to increase you salary and the job opportunities you have here.    This is because it takes a substantially more extensive amount of training to become a doctor of clinical psychology.  In addition it also takes many training hours in clinical settings while pursuing your graduate degree.  Though this may seem tough the job of a group therapist is often a very rewarding one that can give you a sense of pride in the work that you do for the people involved in your sessions.