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Group Therapy Salary in Nevada

Group therapy offers a host of benefits to not only the patients that undergo this type of therapy but also the practitioners.  For the patients, group therapy offers a chance to relieve emotional distress ina group setting.  Benefits for the practitioners involves a chance to really get engaged with others in order to make a positive impact in their lives in addition to other benefits such as a flexible schedule in most instances and a competitive salary.  Some group therapists can make up to 40,000 dollars a year starting off on average, while others can make a substantially higher salary depending on the setting they work in as well as their level of experience in the field.  Some of the group therapists and counselors that open up their own practices can make a salary that is over 100,000 dollars a year in some case.  This is why it is so important to not only apply yourself during your undergraduate and graduate career but also to have the passion to start your own business in the field if you want to make a higher salary than the average.  When pursuing this type of position it is important to keep in mind that getting your certification can be a grueling process that takes much focus and often times a passion in this line of work.

Becoming a group therapist can involve spending a large amount of time in school as well as out of school learning various techniques in the field.  The typical group therapist will not only go through a comprehensive psychology degree program at a 4 year university of their choosing but also go on to graduate school to earn their masters and then their doctorate degree in the field.  This can take anywhere from 7-8 years to complete in addition to spending 300 hours a year doing supervised and unsupervised clinical trials in order to get your certification.  There are a variety of schools in the Nevada area that provide courses in psychology at the undergraduate level if you are interested in pursuing this type of degree.  In addition a person who is thinking about studying to become a group therapist may want to start off by taking some basic community college courses that can transfer to a 4 year university of your choosing.  This is the option that many take because it not only offers you the chance to better transition from high school to a college setting but it can also be the cheaper method to use in order to get your foot in the door with the field.

Group therapy offers the chance for practitioners to work with a variety of people with different emotional and mental disorders which can be a very rewarding job for many who work in the field.  Though you can get a position as a therapist with a master’s degree if you want to increase your opportunities for work as well as your salary it is important to take it a step further and pursue your doctorate.  The people that receive doctorate degrees in clinical psychology can not only work in places such as hospitals and mental health facilities but also in academia at a substantially higher salary than their master’s degree receiving counterparts.  This is because it takes much more time and practice to become a doctorate degree holder.  Though it may seem like a lot of work to reach the top level in this field in terms of education and salary the benefits of being a group therapist outweigh the negative aspects of the position including the fact that you get to help others to maintain a positive outlook on life.  This is why so many people are pursuing a degree in psychology at all levels and you can too with the right attitude and ambition to succeed.