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Group Therapy Certification in Nebraska

Becoming a group therapist in Nebraska can be a tough task and one of the main things to keep in mind when pursuing this goal is getting your certification.  The certification process for a group therapist can involve many years of schooling to complete so it is necessary to be ready mentally and emotionally for all of the coursework and experience that you must complete in the process. In addition to this it often takes a passion for helping others in a clinical setting in order to be successful in your certification process as well as when practicing in the field. The organization that provides certification for many of the practicing clinical psychologists in the state of Nebraska is the American Group Psychotherapy Association.  This association designates the areas that are required for you to get your certification which include the educational and experience based aspects of the process.  In terms of education this is necessary for your success in the field and this process includes enrolling in at least 12 hours of school every single year that you study in the field after you get out of graduate school.  Continuing to gain more and more experience as a practitioner is also very essential to applying the techniques that you learn during the educational stage of your certification process.

In order to be certified as a group therapist the first step in the process is getting the appropriate education in the field. As it takes at least a master’s degree in the field to practice there is much work to be done at the undergrad and graduate level before you can even apply for certification.  Many who plan on working in this field seek a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a concentration on the clinical and research aspects of the field.  If you plan on pursuing this goal then in order to successfully be considered for graduate school a number of activities may have to be completed.   One of these activities involves getting an internship in a mental health facility or other organization geared toward teaching you the information that you need to know in order to succeed in the field.  Research experience is also an important aspect of going to graduate school because most of your graduate career will be spent doing various types of research if you want to become a group therapist.  In addition to this it is necessary to complete the GRE test in your major in order to be considered for graduate school and subsequent certification in the field.

Once you have the completed your graduate degree in the field a group therapist must then go on to complete at least 300 hours of hands on training of which 75 are going to have to be supervised.  Completing your clinical training is necessary to apply the techniques you learn in school as well as to be successful in the field.  The AGPA will also require that you give them a copy of your liability insurance policy when you begin to practice group therapy.  In addition to this you may have to pay up to 420 dollars in order to get your certification certificate initially but every two years you will be required to get another at a reduced price.  As certification is necessary for you to practice in this field there is no way around the steps that it takes to do so.  The certification process is essential to show that you have the proper skills to help your patients with their issues and to practice with ethical and moral standards so why wait, start on your path to get certified today.