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Where do Group Therapists Work in Missouri?

Group therapists are a type of councilor. You will find that they have undergone some of the more intensive educational processes that a person can take on. They are required to have a master’s degree as well as taking a license exam, and meeting a specific level of clinical hours working in their field. This is all a great amount of work. However, for many people it pays off as they end up with many opportunities in the job market that they didn’t have before.

One of the choices that can be considered when looking for work as a group therapist is working with schools. Both private and government schools work with counselors. This means that a group therapist could find places to apply in the area of elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, community colleges, state universities, and private schools of all forms. This is a prime option as a group counselor for a place to look for work. Among the duties you would have in this type of position you will find that you would give student guidance in informational sessions, you’ll also likely run groups for students that face similar challenges in their lives.

Another choice that you might consider while looking for work as a group therapist is, working with a residential facility. There are many options under this heading. Substance abuse rehabilitation facilities are often residential.  They often provide group therapy sessions for their clients. Another are that will have residential patients is institutions. Mental health institutions are a prime example of a residential facility that uses group therapists. Group therapy sessions offer the patients at these facilities and opportunity for social interaction. You would be leading all sorts of different sessions; groups may be formed by the fact that they are alike in their disorders, or just because they need the social interaction.

You will also have choices to work in the private sector as a group therapist. This is one that people often pick; it perhaps has the most freedom over your hours and the type of clients you work with. This type of situation is usually comprised of a group of therapists working out of the same office. Group sessions for these are usually formed to help clients who are facing similar problems. For instance those fighting substance abuse or dealing with a particular compulsion.

As you can see there are many job choices for someone who has undergone the training to become a group therapist. These are only some of the examples, there are more, including corporations, government offices, local government facilities, correctional facilities, juvenile facilities, social working offices and more. Though your training will not guarantee you a job, it will help open up different opportunities’.  You’ll find that there are more places that you can apply for employment now, than there were before you completed your degree and got your license. It’s a very personal choice; try to ensure that you are comfortable with the idea of working at any of these different facilities before you turn in your application.

Where do Group therapists Work in Missouri?

Group therapists provide a variety of services to patients across the board who suffer from a range of mental and emotional disorders.  Becoming a group therapist in the state of Missouri is not an easy task for many who pursue the education necessary in order to accomplish this goal.  In order to become a group therapist one needs at least a master’s degree in the field with a concentration in clinical psychology.  Though a master’s degree is the minimum requirement in order to successfully acquire a job in this field, many people go on to get doctorate degrees because of the increased amount of job opportunities that are available at this education level.  In addition to a master’s or doctorate degree a person who wants to be a group therapist must also pass a test for their license to practice.  In order to start your training in the field you can enroll into a 4 year institution in the psychology major and then go on to study clinical psychology in graduate school, but as there are many steps to complete in between undergraduate and graduate school you should be prepared for the amount of coursework that you must complete before taking this step.

Group therapists that work in the state of Missouri can practice in a variety of settings including state hospitals and mental health facilities and gaining a master’s degree can prepare you to work as a either a counselor or therapist in the field. Practicing in hospitals and mental health facilities are not the only places that a group therapist can work as they can also teach in universities and open up their own private practices in some cases.  The place that a group therapist can work depends on the level of expertise that they have in the field as well as the experiences that they acquire during undergraduate and graduate school.  Many jobs that group therapists undertake can involve a variety of duties and activities including researching various techniques in an academic setting and working with mental health patients who suffer from a variety of disorders.  They often try to use group therapy sessions to find underlying issues that affect a person’s self damaging decisions.  This benefits a variety of patients across the board that may be going through problems with their family or at school or work.  As this type of job is expected to grow in the years to come the job outlook is very good in a variety of settings which encourages many people to take the necessary steps to practice in this field.

There are a variety of ways to get the initial schooling that you need in order to practice in the field of group therapy including going to school through a program at a 4 year university as well as getting your foot in the door through a community college that offers basic classes and then transferring to a 4 year university.  In addition there are many great schools online that offer the classes that you need in order to start on this career path.  If you want to become a group therapist then it is necessary to realize that there is much work involved at the undergraduate level as well as the graduate level. .  In order to reach your goal of becoming a group therapist it is necessary to do your best in your undergraduate and graduate studies. Becoming a group therapist can have a great impact on your life both socially and financially through the competitive salary offered and the chance to engage in very fulfilling work.