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Mississippi Group therapy Internships and Classes

Mississippi like many other states has specific educational requirements that you will need to meet to work as a therapist. A group therapist is a mental health counselor that specializes in working with clients in a group setting. Internships and classes will be part of your process. This means that you’ll be working on your education before you can start working as a therapist.

The first step of your education will be to get your bachelor’s degree. You have a few choices when it comes to the way you can do this. You can look at starting on a community college level; you can start at the university level, and more.  Online schools can also offer a viable choice. Just be sure that any of the schools you choose to go with are accredited. This means that you can be assured that the state will accept it. One way to check is to contact the licensing department of Mississippi and make sure that the school you want to work with is among their approved list.

The next step you will have to meet is getting your Master’s degree. This is the lowest level of education that you can have to work as a group therapist. This part can include some of the other state requirements. One of the things that you’ll want to consider is the amount of practice hours that you’ll need, this is similar to an internship, because you will have to have these hours supervised. You will have to have these hours supervised by someone who has been working as a therapist for a specific amount of time, often over a year. Be sure to check with the department to ensure the supervisor you have in mind will qualify.

You will also have to consider the time frame you have to complete this work in. You will have to complete your hours and other clinical requirements within two years. So if you aren’t in a position to do this all at once you won’t want to start, because this means that you would have to start over. So be sure you have the time to commit to your program. This will mean you have very little time to take off to ensure you are completing the process in the way the state requires.

Once that portion is done then you can move on to the exam. You will need to take the national exam and any other testing that the state might require. After you have completed this and your scores have come back, you can start the licensing process.

This will entail filling out an application, as well as paying any application fees that you may encounter. You will likely have to have your records as well. The state will want to know where your education came from among other questions, so be sure that you have all the needed paperwork and records that you have accrued over your education. This will help to ensure that you aren’t missing anything when you file your application.

As you can see, there are many steps in the process of taking all the right classes and the right amount of internship like practice that is required. But, when you’re all through you will be able to work in a career that is rewarding, where you will be able to help lead groups and guide people to deal with their problems in life, it will be very fulfilling for someone who has made it their goal to work at serving their fellow man.