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Maryland Group therapy degrees and education

Maryland group therapy degrees come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Maryland like most states has their own requirements when it comes to your license. Among them is the amount of education that you have to have. They like most other states require that you have at least a master’s degree before you can be a practicing group therapist. A group therapist is a form of a counselor and has to abide by the same types of regulations.

The first step you will want to take while you are working towards being a group therapist is to work on getting your bachelors degree. You can do this in many ways. Some of your choices include things like community colleges, state colleges, private universities and even online schools.

Something to keep firmly in mind when you are working on getting this degree is that you must be working with an accredited school. This is because if your school does not meet specific standards your education will not be accepted by the state. The best way to ensure this is to make sure you are doing your research, and then to contact the state licensing department and make sure that the school you plan to go to is on their acceptable list.

The next step will be to work with an educational planner to make sure that you are getting the right classes when you are planning your four-year experience. This will help you to avoid mistakes that can cost you not only money, but also can set you back significantly when it comes to time. It can cause you to have to spend an extra semester or quarter in the school. So be sure to get help when making your plans.

After you have your bachelor’s degree, you will be able to transfer on for your graduate school degree. This master’s degree will be the one that the state requires. This can include the requirements that the state has as well, though it may not so make sure that you are staying on top of what the state needs you to have. Maryland like many other states includes a time limit of two years on how long you have to meet these requirements.  You won’t want to start working on this until you are sure you can finish because you have very little time for error.

After you have completed the requirements including all the state required clinical practice hours, which must be supervised, you will be ready to take the state, or national exam. This will ensure that you have the proper amount of knowledge to work within your field. The next step will be to file your application. Your application will require you to turn in most likely, the transcripts from your education. You may also have to answer questions, there will also be fees included in getting your license.  Make sure you have any of your records on hand so that you aren’t stuck looking for papers when you’re anxiously preparing your application.

Once your application has been approved, you will be ready to start working as a group therapist in any of the available positions. You can find that you will be able to apply for jobs including areas like government, privatized offices, residential facilities and outpatient facilities.  These are only a few of the new doors that will be open for you. Though there is no guarantee that your degree and licensee will get you employment, you will have many more choices when it comes to places you can apply for work.