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What is a Career in Group Therapy Like in Alabama?

Maine like all states has their own requirements when it comes to being a group therapist. There are many different programs that you can choose from and it can be convoluted and confusing, so we’ll look at the process on a step-by-step level to help you understand what is required of a group therapy program.

Maine like many other states requires that you have a master’s degree to work as a group therapist. This isn’t their only requirement but when it comes to standard education this is where you will need to be.

The best way to start this is to start working towards your bachelor’s degree; this can be done in many different ways.

The first step will be to pick the right fit in a school for you. You can find that you can start at the community college level, you can start at the state school level, and you can work on your bachelors degree from the level of state university or private university, there is also the option of looking into online schools.

With any of these choices, it’s important to ensure that the school you are working with offers you an accredited choice. This means that they have met specific standards. If the school you are attending doesn’t meet this then you won’t be able to use your education to transfer to a graduate school or for your license later on. Therefore, double checks with the school, do your own research, contact the licensing department, and ensure that they accept the school you are attending.

Then you will want to make sure that you work with any educational facilitators that can help you. The schools provide these people so they can help you to plan out your four years. It is very easy to get confused or to make an error, that will cost you money and time when it comes to your education.

Once you have your bachelor’s degree the next step is to transfer to a graduate school. This will be where you get your master’s degree. This process can take a varied amount of time, and in some cases will help you meet the states requirements, and in others, you will have to practice further after getting your master’s degree. Be sure to check with the school and your state to ensure that your requirements are being fulfilled.

After you have managed to finish your degree, you will work on your license application. This may mean spending more time meeting the state requirements including things like supervised practice.  

You will have to take an exam and turn into the state their application as well as the fees that they require. They may also require the proof of your education from the facility you acquired it at or from you, so be sure you have extra copies of things like your transcripts and your degree.

There are many choices for you to go through when you are getting your education and training to become a group therapist. The most important thing you can do to help yourself is to pay attention to the requirements that the state has and ensure that you are doing them within the right amount of time. Most states insist that you finish this process within a two year period; otherwise you have to start over with your supervised training. So be sure you are doing this at a time in your life where you can be fully committed to the process.