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How to Become a Group Therapist in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana like most states has its own requirements for becoming a group therapist. This means that you will have to meet their standards if you want to work in the mental health and wellness realm. Like most states, you will have to have at least your master’s degree to work in the therapy world.

The first step you will want to take when working on getting your career as a group therapist started is to look at your education. Working to get your bachelors degree is the first step. This can be achieved in many different ways; you’ll the option of picking from the different ways to obtain your degree. You can start at the community college level, state college level, or the private university level. There is also the option of getting your degree online these days as everything moves into the virtual world.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are talking about a school regardless of the type is to ensure that they are an accredited institution that the state you plan to work in will accept. This is especially relevant when you are talking about online schools, as they can sometimes not be what they seem. So be sure you are checking with the state and researching whatever schools you choose to make sure you are getting the right one for you, and that you will actually be able to transfer into a career.

Also, be sure that when you are planning your education that you talk to the available educational planers that are there, provided by your school, they can help to keep you from making errors when it comes to getting the right education. It can be easy to take a class you don’t need or to miss one that you do when you aren’t paying close enough attention. These advisors are there to help you through this process. They can also help you to deal with things like, understanding the requirements that you can find that often, graduate schools have as well. There are many choices in graduate schools, so be sure you know your top picks.

The next step is to get your graduate degree, known as a master’s degree. This will be the degree that helps you get the clinical experience that the state requires you to have. Some programs ensure that yo are meeting state requirements during your degree process while others do not. So be sure you understand what the state needs while you are getting your education.

The state will likely require you to meet a specific number of hours that you have to fulfill. They can require these hours to be split between many different areas. There are also some other requirements you will have to meet, along with filling these hours you will also have to have them supervised. Your supervisor must be someone who has been practicing for a specific amount of hours. So check and ensure that you are doing your best to meet the state needs while you have the extra time. The state requires that you make it through all of this training and clinical practice within a two year period. This means that if you have to stop for a year you will have to start over instead of being able to resume your process. So, make sure that you aren’t going to have to take time off during this process, as there is very little room for error. You will have to finish once you start, or fear losing hundreds of hours of work.

After you have met all of the requirements your next step is to start the application process, you will need to take the required exam(s) and then fill in the application and pay any fees that they require before you can get your license. Your application may require you to have the transcripts from your educational facility so you will want to make sure you have all the needed records.

As you can see there are many options as you work your way towards becoming a group therapist, and you’ll find that there are even more choices when it comes to finding places to apply for jobs.