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What is the Salary of Group Therapists in Kansas?

There may be many reasons you want to know what the wages are for a group therapist in Kansas. This however cannot be pinpointed to one specific number. That’s because this career path has one of the more varied and wide range of choices when it comes to jobs you can work in. The choices can include jobs for the government, jobs for private offices, jobs for residential facilities and more.

However, we can look at the numbers from the bureau of labor and statistics to get a feel for the general range. In Kansas, the mean annual wage for someone working under the heading of a mental health counselor is amounted to 41,360, or 19.88 hourly.  This is calculated from all of the different ranges of occupations falling under the area of mental health counselor, not just group therapists.

There are many different areas that you an work in, when your working within the Individual and family services area of this particular career you will be looking at an employment rate of 21,410 with an mean hourly wage of 19.36, or an annual mean wage of 40,260.

Outpatient care centers or facilities are another option when it comes to working as a group therapist.  This mean annual wage is 41,300. This type of facility can include things like outpatient mental health or outpatient substance abuse facilities.

Another choice is working with a residential facility. This can include many things, from private to government; it will include areas like mental retardation, mental health, and substance abuse rehabilitation facilities. The mean annual wage for the residential area of the mental health counselor occupation is 33,060.

You will also find that there are jobs that are specifically government and their wages are different than those above, the mean hourly wage for the local government jobs is 23.79 or an annual mean wage of 49, 480. Many different areas of government employ those in the mental health counselor field. These can include schools, and other facilities that are run by the government. You will have many doors open in this field.

To be able to earn these types of wages you will have to make sure that you have met the proper requirements, including making sure you have your Master’s degree in a related field. This also means that you have to have a license, which is issued by the state, which has its own requirements.

Though there is no guarantee of getting a job in this field you an see that there are many doors that will be open to someone who has a license to practice as age group therapist, they can work in many areas, including government, private, residential, outpatient, and more.  The wages that you can earn for this type of position vary by the type of job you pick. Make sure that you are comfortable with the area you are working with. You wouldn’t want to work at a high school if you don’t want to help teens, for instance.