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How Much Schooling does it take to Become a Group Therapist in Hawaii?

A group therapist is a form of mental health counselor. They specialize in working with groups but still must adhere to the same regulations that any other counselor must meet.

It takes at the very minimum a Master’s degree. This means that you will have to complete between around 5-7 years of education.

The first place to start is with your bachelor’s degree. This you will have to have before you can move on to your master’s degree. One of the things that you will want to be sure you do is talk to the available educational guides at your school. They can save you valuable time and energy by helping you plans your classes. If you are clear with them they can also even help to make sure that you are meeting the requirements, you will have to have before you can start your postgraduate work.

The next step will be to acquire your Master’s degree. This can take a varied amount of time, for some they can complete the process in two years, for others it can take longer. This program may include some of the state requirements, and they may not. You will want to make sure that you pay close attention to the requirements of the state.

For instance in Hawaii to qualify for a licensure you will need to meet the 72 quarter hours of graduate level class work, divided properly among their different requirements, including things like Counseling theories, human behavior, testing, research, and more. These are just examples, be sure to look up the requirements as this is not comprehensive and the requirements can change.

You will also have to make sure that you have completed the amount of supervised contact that you have to acquire. This accumulates to 3,000 hours of postgraduate work. This will be at minimum 100 hours in a one on one type situation, with supervision. This must all be done within a two-year period. If you aren’t sure, you are going to be able to complete your program you will want to wait to start, as there is very little room for time off in this type of program.

Once you have finished all of the training the next step will be to take your exam, this is the step that will help ensure you get your license. Once you have all of this done you will want to send it all in with any of the records from your educational facility that the state requires, this may range from all your transcripts to simply proof of your degree.

As you can see that, there are a great many different types of stages in the training process for becoming a group therapist. You have many options when it comes to how you fulfill these choices. Including things like community colleges, online schools, state universities and private schools. Just be sure that you are watching your requirements closely, as any mistakes can set you back in terms of time, as well as paying for a class you may not need. Take advantage of any resources your educational choice has for you, they can be a huge help.

If you plan to move before or after your degree is complete, be sure to check the state that you plan to move to, because not all states have the same regulations, or requirements that you have to meet before you can get your license.  Your license will allow you to practice in one of the many different options that you have available to you. There is a need for therapists in educational, government, private, and many other industries.