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Where do Group Therapists Work in Georgia?

Group therapists are a type of counselor they happen to specialize in working in-group situations rather than working with a singular client. These counselors can fall under many different areas. Those working in the Mental Health Counselor category in Georgia can find that there are many options when it comes to jobs. You can work in all sorts of different fields, including government, schools, correctional facilities and more. It’s a field that has many options.

One of the options that you will have when it comes to working as a group therapist will include working at a residential mental facility. These can include facilities for the mentally retarded, those that are simply suffering from mental health problems, as well as substance abuse. In Georgia, according to the bureau of labor and statistics, this portion of the job market is a 3.54 percent of the industry employment. 

Another choice that you can find when it comes to working in this industry is working at an outpatient center. This type of facilities works with patients who are capable of taking care of them and deemed safe to live on their own, they come in for appointments and often these types of facilities include group therapy sessions. This can help to solve problems that might not show through during an individual session.

There are also choices in the government end of this type of industry. You can find that there are jobs in many different government facilities; this can include things like institutions and correctional facilities. Often criminal offenders are offered group therapy sessions that will help them to better interact with their peers, and can even help them deal with the issues that may have caused their problems in the first place.

Government jobs also extend into the realm of education. There are jobs within many different types of educational facilities for therapists. This can include, elementary education schools, also you can work in middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities. You may also find that there are positions that are not in the government realm working in education. Private schools from the elementary to the university level will also employ therapists. If you choose to work in this field, you may find yourself leading group sessions for students to talk about their problems, or just simply holding informational group meetings, where you can extend the offer of further help.

Some people prefer as a group therapist to work at a private practice. This means that you would work with other therapist within an office. This way a client can work with more than one therapist if they choose. Doctor’s offices and hospitals are another choice when it comes to working in this type of area. They often employ therapists that are qualified in group therapy. At hospitals, a group therapist may help lead a support group, or other family oriented issues.

As you can see, the choices are nearly unlimited when it comes to using your education. You will be able to apply for a wide variety of jobs in many different industries.