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Where to get Started in Group Therapy in Florida

Group therapy can be a rewarding path to choose. There are many different choices available for someone who has completed their training. You won’t have to be limited to just one area. A group therapist is a form of councilor, and as such works with the public, and individuals to help them through times that can be troublesome. Group therapists can specialize in a wide range of areas as well; they can work with children, adults, adolescents and more.  

The first thing you will need to do to get started on the right path for becoming a group therapist is to work on your education. In Florida, the state requires a minimum of a Master’s degree for you to get your license. This is among their other requirements.

The first step is getting your bachelors degree. This will allow you to work through to your postgraduate work. It can seem like a lot to understand however, there are many people available to help you. Turn to your educational facilities counselors to help guide you. They will be familiar with both the requirements for your bachelor’s degree, as well as the being able to help guide you to making sure you meet the graduate degree requirements for acceptance to your graduate school.

Your graduate work may include things like clinical hours; you will spend much of this time studying independently. Once you have your Master’s degree you can start to work towards getting your license.

In the state of Florida, you will have to meet specific requirements that you must meet before you can get your license. This includes things like working under supervision; there are clinical hours that you must complete. Often these hours must be done in less than two years, so it’s important when you start down this path that you are sure you are going to be able to complete the process, as you likely will not have the opportunity to take the time off.

You will also be required to take an exam before you can practice. This exam helps to determine if you have the education that you need before you begin your practicing.

Make sure that when you are working on your license application that you have all of your educational records as well. This is important because you can be sure that the state will want to know some of the information that those papers include. Often they will ask for copies of your transcripts. Be sure to research toughly all of the state requirements before you submit your application and be sure that you adhere to them. In some cases, you may have done a good percentage of the work during your postgraduate work but in others, you may not have.

Once you have met all of the educational requirements, the training that the state insists upon you can submit your license application, and once it is approved, you may begin looking for work. 

The job choices that you can apply for are varied. You can work at many different facilities, which employ therapist. One of your options is working with the government. There are different areas within the government that you can find employment with, including educational facilities. Government jobs in education for therapists can be at the elementary level, secondary schools, high schools, community colleges, and state universities. Many of these facilities employ therapists to help their students face the difficulties in their lives.

Other government positions that are available to therapists include things like institutions; mental intuitions of all natures often employ group therapists. Group therapy is a common occurrence in these facilities; you could find yourself leading sessions that are focused on a particular problem, or just a group session to help facilitate interaction for the patients. 

You could also choose to work in the private sector. This will allow you to work in an office with other therapists or, you could even open your own practice. These are all options when it comes to starting your career as a group therapist. These are only a few examples; there are many other places that you can seek employment when you finish your degree. There is no guarantee that your education and training will provide you with a job, but it will open up opportunities that may have previously been shut.