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Utah Family Therapy Jobs

A family therapist is usually responsible for helping others, both individual and family units, to cope with the emotional problems they may deal with that effects how they function every day.  Becoming a worker in this field can be very beneficial as far as job outlook is concerned as well as with giving the worker a sense of fulfillment from what they do but it is necessary to realize that this comes at a price.  Training to become a family therapist can often take many years and much hard work to accomplish.  In regards to this the minimum amount of education that a person who is planning on studying in this field must have is at the master’s level and beyond.  Though this may seem like a lot of work to accomplish, if you have a passion for helping others and for the principles of psychological understanding then it shouldn’t be much of a problem for you to become successful in this field.  In addition to this, those who have a passion for psychology can really benefit from this field because it is a great field in which to apply the knowledge gained from the psychology discipline.  This is why many people who study psychology in school often choose this career path and excel in it.

If you live in the state of Utah there are a multitude of places that you can work as a family therapist with the proper training in the field.  Job seekers in this field can work in local clinics as well as hospitals, and social service agencies just to name a few places.  Many therapists also work in government agencies though working in a government agency may involve civil service exams in addition to the state mandated exam that enables you to become a licensed practitioner.  In terms of salary, the marriage and family therapists located in Utah often have a starting salary upwards of $30,000 but with many of these positions, just like with many other jobs, have salaries that correspond with the area as well as the place you work.  Private practice clinics often can give the highest salary but government agencies can also have a competitive salary outlook.  Other factors that may affect the amount of a person’s salary may include the degree you hold and the quality of your grades while in school.  In addition to this how you do on the licensing exam and during your supervised clinical trials after graduation can also have a big affect on salary and where you work.  Some therapists become specialists in private practices and make a great salary doing so because of the quality of their grades in school and based on their experience. This is why it is necessary to do your best while going through your respective undergraduate and graduate programs as well as when gaining experience in the field. 

When you are going through your undergraduate portion of your training to become a marriage and family counselor there are a few things that you can do in order to increase your chances at being successful transitioning to graduate school and then on to your career.  One thing that is a very good idea to take into consideration is trying to find experience in the field through doing an internship, research, and making job connections at job fairs that may be held at your university.  Doing these things may not absolutely guarantee that you will make it into graduate school or go on to be successful in your career but they will increase your chances many times over if you pursue them to the best of your abilities.  Though it can be tough to balance school and work at times it is necessary that you learn to create a balance between the two at some points during your career training and after you are settled into your career as well.  These skills are necessary to be successful in many jobs so it is important to keep this in mind when you begin on your career path.  In addition to this it may be important for you to decide whether going to school at a university is a good match for you as there are many schools online that offer degree programs in this field and this may help you to balance school and work