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How to Become a Family Therapist in Texas

Working as a family counselor in Texas requires much training and experience in order to be effective and to truly help patients with the problems they may have.  If you are serious about becoming a family and marriage counselor then you should know that going to school and getting your master’s degree in the field is a requirement in Texas as it is in any other state in the US.  The amount of schooling that it takes to acquire a master’s in the field can seem overwhelming but it is attainable with a degree of hard work.  In applying to an undergraduate school one of the best disciplines you can pursue in terms of your undergraduate degree program is psychology.  Studying and understanding the principles of psychology can help you to not only get into graduate school in this field in an easier manner but can also help you in graduate school to better understand the concepts involved in marriage and family counseling.  If you want to be a success in this field it is important to do all that you can in order to understand these concepts as the techniques that are used in the field come directly from the principles of psychology.  In addition to this the graduate school that you go to will most likely be looking for a candidate with as much experience as possible in the field before accepting them into the marriage and family counseling program.

When choosing an undergrad or grad school to go to one of the biggest decisions that people make besides what field to go into, is whether to go to school on campus or online.  Going to school on campus can have a great number of benefits but so can going to school online.  For example, a campus atmosphere allows for a student to better get to know their peers and professors in order to grasp concepts easier and to make connections including job connections.  In addition to this going to school on campus can offer a much richer environment for students to learn and succeed in.  Though going to school on campus may offer these things, going to school online can often be a cheaper and more worry free option to take for your school training.  Going to school online is an option that many people take in today’s age because of the convenience that comes with being able to attend class right in your own home.  In addition to this going to school online can offer a flexible schedule that would benefit those who have obligations such as a job most.  Other benefits of going to school online include the option to attend class anywhere that has an internet connection.

When it comes to getting a license to practice as a therapist there are many steps to take in order to get this accomplished and one of the most important steps to take involves the clinical trials that you will be exposed to if you decide to pursue your license in the field.  The clinical trials that therapists go through teach them a lot about the way therapy works and how to go about using some of the techniques learned in school. The supervised clinical trial process is a time of learning all that you can about how the job works for you and if you can stay in the position for the long run as well.  In addition to this learned principles from the classroom can be applied during you clinical trials in order to help you to better understand and work with them.  The typical length for the clinical trials you will go through is about 3000 hours which should be completed over a span of about 2 years.  These trials are absolutely necessary for you to pursue your license in the field so it is important to prepare yourself for them after you graduate from your grad school program.

The final aspect of getting a license to practice family therapy is getting to take the state regulated exam.  This exam encompasses the aspects of marriage and family therapy that you learn in school as well as what you learn in your clinical trials and experience therefore it is very important to do well in all stages of training to prepare for it.