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Tennessee regulations on becoming a Family Therapist

Becoming a family therapist in Tennessee is not an easy task as it takes many years of training including school based training and work based training.  A person working as a licensed marriage and family counselor must hold a master’s degree and go through extensive clinical trials in order to be able to get their license.  This may seem like a lot for many of the people that want to work in this profession but if you have a passion for helping people get through the rough times that they may be going through then the benefits of getting your license may be worth the effort you put in.  Family therapists usually work with individuals as well as families in order to solve the emotional issues that may be troubling people.  The therapists in the state of Tennessee as well as in other states all over the US use various techniques in order to help these people including cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques.  These techniques are learned through extensive experience at school as well as through the hands on experience that many get from going through clinical trials after graduating from graduate school with a master’s degree in marital and family counseling. 

If you are a person that is interested in becoming a marriage and family counselor then it is important to realize that getting into an undergraduate degree program is one of the first things that can be done in order to start to reach your goal.  An undergraduate degree program in the psychology discipline may help you the most when it comes to getting into graduate school and studying to be a family therapist but there are other disciplines that you can also explore in order to reach this goal.  The disciplines of sociology and social work are also good choices that encompass the ideals and some of the work involved in being a licensed family therapist.   Many people have been successful in their school careers by choosing a discipline other than psychology in order to make it to graduate school so you can too with the right attitude and determination.  It is important to do your best to get a good GPA at this stage of the learning process as getting into graduate school can be competitive for many fields.  More important than GPA may be the amount of experience that you have in the discipline you are trying to get into at graduate school so it is also important to keep this in mind. 

In addition to your college career after you graduate one thing to look forward to is the supervised clinical trials that must be completed before you can apply for your license to practice therapy.  These supervised trials are designed to give you on the job training in the field of family and marriage counseling in order to prepare you for what is ahead in your job.  These trials could be the most important aspects of the training process for a therapist especially if the prospective therapist has had little training up to this point.  It is important to do your best in these trials as they better you do the better your potential salary could be in the long run.  In addition to this the trials will give you an opportunity to practice your skills in a real clinical setting so why not try your best.  If you are planning to work in this field it is important that you have a strong desire to do the work and to help people as it can be stressful at times working with people with emotional problems.  Many therapists may get attached to their patients and empathize with their patients to the point of feeling as they feel.  This is why many therapists may seek a more behind the scenes role such as teaching or research when they have the option.   Whatever you decide to do yourself you may want to keep in mind that this profession does not work for everyone and you must be strong willed in many cases to deal with the emotional problems of your patients but if you are determined to be successful in this field then you can definitely make your goal a reality.