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South Carolina wages for Family Therapist

Being a family therapist involves much work with others that are dealing with personal and family issues and need a resolution to the problems they face.  The professional family therapists that practice all across America have undergone many hours of training on the field as well as many years of training in the classroom to get to the position where they can be licensed and if you are one of the many people that want to become a family therapist you should be prepared to undergo a similar level of training in order to do so.  Becoming a worker in this field is by no means a light task as the amount of studying and research that goes into the school portion of your training can often be very tedious and off putting but the end result of becoming a licensed professional who helps people in need is seen as worth it for many who work in the field.  In addition to this the wages of being a family therapist are often competitive after you are licensed but just as with many jobs this can vary from place to place in America.  Within the state of South Carolina the wages for working in this field can also vary from city to city but many estimates put the starting salary at anywhere from $30,000 and above.  Though this may not seem like much in comparison with other positions that require a master’s degree the benefits of helping others and the benefits that come with the job may make up for some of the salary lost. 

In order to become a worker in this field in SC it is necessary that you follow a few steps including getting a four year BA degree in psychology or a related field.  During your undergraduate studies it is important to keep in mind that you are working toward a master’s degree in the field so trying your hardest at the undergrad level is recommended.  In addition to this many graduate schools will not accept a candidate without a level of dedication and experience in the field that the candidate is proposing to study in. In regards to this it may be a good idea to get involved in some school funded research during your undergrad years as well as an appropriate internship for your proposed field of study.  Having these two items on your resume could really boost your chances at getting into grad school and being successful at your job upon graduation and after going through your supervised clinical trials.  In addition to this finding a good school to conduct both your undergraduate and graduate school studies is also a good thing to keep in mind when trying to get a high paying job in this field.  Your salary often depends on a combination of many factors including your grades, school, and contribution to the field as well as your experience so it is important to do whatever you can in order to come out on top as far as salary is concerned. If you have the drive to do what it takes to get a good salary then you may be able to get one upon getting your license.

Though going through undergraduate and then graduate school is often no picnic these steps are necessary for the student to get to the point that they can take the exam that will give them a license to practice therapy on their own through a practice.  In addition to these two steps another one that is necessary before you can take your certification test is going through supervised clinical trials for at least 3000 hours.  This usually can take up to two years to complete and during these trials you will learn much about the day to day life of a person who works as a therapist.  The skills that you learn during these trials will carry you until the day you take your test and become a licensed professional so it is important to do the very best job that you can during this stage of your training.  The trials will also prepare you for what is ahead in the profession for you so this may be one of the most influential times of your training.