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North Dakota Family Therapy Education

When it comes to family therapy education there is much to accomplish before a person can be certified to practice in the state of North Dakota.  One must achieve a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling in addition to approximately 3000 hours of clinical trials that are supervised in order to qualify to take the mandated exam to practice in the field.  In order to accomplish this goal it is important to first enroll in an undergraduate degree program that can qualify you to go on to graduate school and gain your master’s.  As completing this amount of schooling can be a tough goal it is necessary that you are absolutely sure about going into this field before embarking on your journey.  It is also necessary that you know what the duties of a family therapist are and what they go through on a daily basis when working in the field.

Family therapists have the responsibility of helping families, married couples, and individuals to deal with emotional problems that may arise in their lives.  This is accomplished through many different strategies including behavioral and perceptual therapy that can help those that the family therapist works with to learn how to cope and behave with the situations that arise in their lives.  Learning how to diagnose and treat issues that people go through is a part of being a marriage and family therapist that requires a certain know how to do and for this reason it is important to do well in the course load and training stages of getting certified.  If you are a person that is thinking about working in this field then getting into a college that has the degree programs that you need to succeed should be one of the first things that you do.  You can do this in a couple of ways including attending an online school or attending a school offline.  Though online schools offer much in terms of flexibility, going to school at an on campus university may offer you a richer college experience and the chance to better know your classmate and professors in order to make better job connections for after you graduate.

In terms of going to school to become a family therapist it may be necessary to start thinking about graduate school early in your undergrad career in order to take steps towards achieving your goals.  Getting a master’s in this field is not an easy task and taking steps such as applying to internship opportunities and also for research opportunities can put you well ahead of the curve when it comes to being accepted into an accredited graduate program.  Internships and research opportunities that deal with therapy or psychology in general may give you the experience that you need to get into grad school but in addition to this it is necessary that you really focus in your undergrad program in order to get the grades and test scores that are required for graduate school.

After graduation from your master’s degree program in marriage and family counseling one more step is required to prepare you for your licensing test that comes in the form of your supervised clinical trials.  These trials prepare you for what is to come in the field as you go out and get a job that requires you to work on your own.  The clinical trials teach you the necessary skills that you need to be successful as a family therapist and give you experience with the duties that you will be performing on your own when you are hired in a clinic or practice.