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How to Become a Family Therapist in New York

There are many resources that you can find in the state of New York in order to help you to become a marriage and family therapist including information that can be found online about the various schools in your area that offer degree programs in the field.  If you want to enroll in an undergraduate degree program in any one of the various universities all over the state then doing this can be as simple as researching the schools that work for you and applying.  There are many forms of financial aid available through various schools that can help you to get the money that you need to get your education and in addition to this many scholarships outside of any particular school are also offered in the US.  Becoming a family therapist can be a satisfying thing in terms of job security and salary so it may be in your best interest to start researching what you can do to help you along this path.  In addition to this the field is seen as very rewarding to many because of the chance it offers to benefit others by helping them with their family and individual issues.

Becoming a family therapist is an ambitious task for many because of the amount of training it takes to be ready for the certification exam.  In regards to this you may want the first step in your training to be getting a good GPA in high school so that you can move on to a good undergraduate degree program.  When searching for a school to go to after graduating high school one thing to look out for is if the school that you want to attend is accredited or not.  In addition to this you may want to decide between going to school at an on campus university or at a school online.    In terms of going to school on campus, this may be the right decision for those who are not good at managing their schedules or meeting deadlines.  On campus schools also offer a chance for a student to get to know their instructor on a more personal level.  If you are a person that learns better when actually face to face with a teacher then going to school at a four year university may be the option you want to go with.   As opposed to this, going to school online can offer flexibility in terms of schedule and a more classroom distant type of learning.  Online schools can be ideal for those who have to work on a daily basis and do not have the option of acquiring a strict school schedule. In addition to this you can take undergraduate and graduate classes online in the family therapy field.

After going to an undergraduate school getting a graduate degree in marriage and family therapy is a requirement in terms of certification as a family therapist for most states in the US including New York.  Getting your master’s degree is often the minimum requirement and this can be a big challenge if you are not adequately prepared for it.  After this step in the process a couple of years of supervised clinical trials are necessary in order to ensure that you know the ins and outs of the field in preparation for the exam.  Once you have completed your training and passed the licensure exam you may then practice as a family therapist working in a public or private facility.  Though the road to being in this field can be a long one many find that the end result is worth the wait many times over.