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New Jersey Family Therapy Programs

If your desire is to become a marriage family therapist in New Jersey then there is much help available to you in order to get this accomplished.  Becoming a family therapist requires many years of school as well as training after you graduate but for many the experience is worth the hard effort one must put in.  Family therapy can be a rewarding career because it is based on the principal of helping individuals and families to sort out there problems and to live functional and happier lives.  This in itself may be enough for anyone to be satisfied with their work but in making the decision to start your training as a family therapist it is important to realize that this job is not for everyone.  With that being said, to become an asset to this field you may need to evaluate where your interests lay very seriously and then find a university with the necessary degree program to help you to be successful.  It is required that a person reach the master’s degree level before being considered to take the licensing exam so it is important to prepare yourself for much schooling if you want to pursue this career.  In addition to this the supervised clinical trials that you must complete after graduation can be tough if you do not have a passion for the field and the activities involved.

When it comes to going to graduate school, the preferred undergraduate degree program for acceptance in many graduate schools across the US including in the state of New Jersey is a psychology degree program.  If you are already in school and are not studying in the psychology discipline then there still may be hope for you to get into graduate school as long as you have shown much interest in the field at points in your college career.  Doing an internship dealing with family or individual therapy or psychology in general is a good way to show a graduate school that you are interested in the field.  In addition to this requesting the opportunity to do research with a professor that is doing work that deals with marriage and family therapy can also looks very good on a graduate school application.  Doing your best in your undergraduate career is one of the main components to being successful as you move on so if you really want to pursue this career then you must be dedicated to this.  This is one reason that thinking of your career path in terms of what is a good match for you is so important as going to school for as long as it takes to become a family therapist can cause a person to experience burn out in some cases.

After graduating from an accredited undergraduate degree program and then going on to finish up your master’s degree in marriage and family therapy then the next step before getting your license to practice on your own is going through two years of supervised clinical trials.  These trials not only prepare you for your future career but help to embed the knowledge that you learned in graduate school into your head and give you the skills you need to be a good therapist.  The supervised clinical trials you must go through can also give you further insight on whether you would be a good match for hands on work in the field with others or for the research portion of things.  Many people find that working in the field hands on can be tougher than doing research and sort of being behind the scenes so it may be important for you to keep this in mind when you are going through your own training.