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What types of Family Therapy equipment is used in Michigan

Therapy can come in many forms. And when you are working as a professional marriage and family therapist in the state of Michigan you can consider that there are things that you can use as tools to help you reach out to the family.

One of the types of tools is very simple, and involves working with play therapy. Play therapy can be beneficial for everyone in the family, it can often be a way for the kids and parents to both relax. There are different ways you can implement play therapy but you are going to need some equipment.
If communication is a struggle one of the things you can consider as part of play therapy is building blocks, when a family has to work together to build something they will be opening up the lines of communication and there will be ways that they can stay on track and help each other. This can potentially open up dialogue which would have previously been difficult for them to do.

Kids benefit from this exponentially, they are often only communicate when they are playing, and this is a great way for them to begin to feel comfortable communicating with the other family members, it can help to ease frustration on both ends.

Another choice when it comes to play therapy is play sets. Again this will work on recognizing communication, there are all different types of play sets that will help, but try to find things that inspire imagination and conversation, but not things like action figures which often only spark arguments. Things like farm sets, and construction towns are a good place to start.

Play therapy can help introverted children learn the skills to discover better growth, and deal better with social situations. Imaginative play therapy can get them started in understanding how social experiences are supposed to go, as playing is the most prominent thing in a child’s life this is one great way that you can start to get them to recognize proper and acceptable behavior.

Some therapists also use play as a way to view how the child interacts, and works around things. Some of the equipment used in this case would be dolls, or play houses, as well as things like farm animals, and stuffed animals.

These are just some of the things you may want to equip yourself with as a family and marital therapist, that way you will be prepared to help the types of clients you are likely to see.  These methods are not used by all therapists, and are generally not a requirement, but they do take into account the type of people you are working with. Sometimes families can be put at ease by the way you have your environment set up, working within. Children will likely be more receptive to you if your office has toys, and interactive things for them to do while you are talking.