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How to Become a Family Therapist in Maryland

Becoming a marriage and family therapist in Maryland begins with education. Like most states Maryland requires that you have a minimum of a master’s degree to work as a licensed therapist. You must complete this step before you are able to put in your license application. So if you are looking to change careers, or if you are just beginning your educational journey, there are some helpful things you will want to know before you get to far.

Be sure that you know where your degree is coming from. As most of you will already know there are hundreds, even thousands of options for online schools these days. These are a choice you can use when you are working on becoming a therapist in Maryland, there are however some things that you should be considering before you proceed. First, make sure you know the school is accredited. On top of that you will want to make sure that the state board also accepts this as a form of education. This way you won’t end up with an education that won’t fill the requirements to obtain your license. If you don’t plan on working through your master’s degree there make sure the graduate schools you have your eye on will accept the degree or credits earned from this online university.

Alternately, standard universities also sometimes offer you online options. Standard schools should be put to the same tests as you would an online university, make sure that your getting the proper education that will count when it comes time to go to the board with it.

Once you have obtained your Master’s degree the next step will consist of on the job training. This training is required to be supervised by someone who already has there license, and in some cases you must find someone who has been licensed for a specific period of time. Do make sure to double check with the board before you accept an internship or a job working with someone as a supervisor. The length of this supervised practice is different in each state, so be sure to double check with the board what the exact requirements are, often times you only have so long to completed them in as well, generally around two years.

You will have to complete a required amount of hours, and often divided between different types of practice, including marriage, family, individual and group. So know which are required of you and make sure that you are getting them divided right, because you won’t want to run out of time.
The next step will be to file your application, this will sometimes require that you undergo a background check, provide references, or even prove that you haven’t been licensed and had it taken from somewhere else. If you are thinking of moving into Maryland and have been licensed in another state you may have to complete extra requirements, as not all states have an equal standard, so contact the board, and explain your situation, they will be able to help you understand what you will need to do to work on an interstate approval.