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What is a career in Family Therapy like in Kansas?

So, you're wondering what your career might be like if you were to work in Kansas as a marriage and family therapist. Well this will depend on a few things. You have vast and numerous options when you are looking for a job in this field, you can work in the private sector to the government openings, so it will change what your career would be like.

For instance, you can work within an individual office, where you will work with other therapists, or doctors, and see clients in that environment. In this form of the career you will likely see many married couples as well as families and possibly individuals who are dealing with family related issues. However, this is not the only way you can choose to practice as a family therapist.

You can work within the state government, where you could make your career working at many different places, including state related schools, like a state college, or you could find yourself moving your career into working with a state sponsored program for troubled youth. Another choice that would go in this line would be that you would be seeing clients that are being held in correctional facilities. This will make a difference in what your career is like; it will also alter the amount of the mean salary.

If you see your career going in another direction you will also want to consider that the doors are open for you to apply to residential treatment facilities when you are a licensed marriage and family therapist. These facilities can include not only mental facilities, but also places that offer substance abuse inpatient. Your role would likely be to work with the addicts on a level of providing therapy relating to their family, or their significant others.
Local governments often hire marriage and family therapists as well; one of the roles this may serve to fill is within the local school district. Because local government jobs encompass the city and county and district level you will have the option of seeking employment in many of these different departments, including schools from elementary to high school.

So when you are working on your education you will also want to take into consideration the requirements that you will need to meet to obtain your license, which in most cases is at minimum a master’s degree, in either marriage and family therapy, or a closely related field. As you can see your career can take many different paths when you are a professional marriage and family therapist, you can find yourself working with recovering addicts, or with children in elementary school. The choices will really be up to you, as you decide which of these different areas of therapy you are most interested in, because there are so many choices that you can make. If you are interested there are positions where you can work with the elderly, or with the disabled, or you can find yourself applying for positions that work with corporations.