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Where do Family Therapists work in Florida?

When you are considering going into the field of Marriage and Family therapy, you will want to know what areas that degree can be applied to, and there are multiple areas that you can find yourself working in when you decide to be a Family therapist in Florida.

First let’s talk some about the numbers. In Florida, in 2010, there were 1,910 marriage and family therapists, offering a employment RSE of 12.9%, showing that per thousand jobs marriage and family therapy filled .268, the mean wage for this type of work is 19.09 per hour.

Now, where you can work makes a big difference in these numbers, so let’s look at some of the different jobs that are available to someone with a degree in marriage and family therapy. The top employment area for marriage and family therapists nationally is the individual and family services sector. This area of work contains things like services for the elderly, or working with people with disabilities, child services, as well as youth services, and family services.

The next area of occupation that ranks second highest nationally according to the bureau of labor statistics is state government jobs, this contains working for places like correctional facilities, working with the court system, offering family support through the schools, there are many different positions available to consider under the government state job heading for family therapists.

Third on the list of highest national employment is that of other health practitioners, or working within a group office. This can include many things, working on a team of professionals at a doctor’s office, or working within a therapy office where you are one of many therapists available.
Another choice you have available to you is residential mental facilities; these can include different types of facilities, such as facilities for disabled or mentally delayed youth, it can also be part of a substance abuse center, they often have positions for family therapists, because part of the rehabilitation process is dealing with family issues.

You have a wide variety of choices when it comes to what direction you want to take your marriage and family counseling license. As you’ve seen you can work in a private practice, or you can dedicate yourself to working with people with disabilities, you can work with the young or the old, or a little bit of everything in between. Once you have your Master’s degree and have met the other state of Florida requirements, there are many choices you can consider when you are picking how you want your career to go.

You can also work with the government on the local level not just the state level, so you could find yourself working within the local branches of your government, at the city, district, or county level, these are areas that offer similar jobs to those at the state level.

To break down some more of those numbers the mean wage for the most employed industry is 45,430 annually, working in the individual and family services area. Coming in second on the most employed list, but with a mean of 59,240 are those state related jobs. With offices, you are looking at a mean of 49,750 annually. Local governments offer a 55, 650 annual mean wages. However, if you are looking to working in a residential facility, where you will work with people overcoming mental difficulties, and substance abuse you can use the mean of 42,860 as a place to start. This isn’t all the information you will need, but it gives you a good overview of the type of jobs that are available within the state of Florida for someone who has a license in marriage and family therapy.