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How much training does it take to become a Family therapist in Colorado

To become a licensed therapist in Colorado you must have achieved either a master's degree or a doctoral degree. This training can come from any school so long as it has met the requirements to become accredited. This is the very first step in the training that is needed to become a family therapist. Colorado also requires that you be at least twenty-one years old to be able to get your license.

So to become a family therapist in Colorado you will need to take the steps to gain your master’s degree. If you want or need, you can start this at the community college level, going for your associates, or your transfer degree that will help you go to a university. When you’re starting university make sure that your advisors and your counselors know that you are planning to continue after your bachelor’s degree to work on your master’s degree in family therapy, this way they will be able to help guide you. You will also want to know the schools you are interested in attending for your master’s degree as they all have different requirements.

Each graduate school will have different things that you must complete before you enter, so you will want to make sure early on in your education that you are getting the right courses for the schools you want to apply to. If you aren’t paying attention to what you need to take, you can often end up making your education take longer than it needs to.

In the field, training is also required. In the state of Colorado you must on top of having your master’s degree, or doctoral degree you must also have had at least two years of post-master’s or if you have a doctoral, one year, of practice. This must include 1500 hours of direct client contact, meaning one-on-one counseling, or face-to-face counseling.

This must be in what the board has considered supervised, as well as being the right type of experience so that you are getting all the training you need to be able to make assessments and provide intervention.

You also will need to study, because aside from these training requirements you will have to pass an exam. This exam will be approved and covered by the board, and this will after you have completed the other requirements define if you get your license or not, so you won’t want to slack when it comes to studying for this test.

This is just a basic overview of the requirements in training to become a licensed family therapist in the state of Colorado; there are many resources available to help you in on path. You’ve picked a profession to be proud of, and your hard work will be rewarded. Make sure you use the sources that are at your fingertips like the advisors at your schools, and professional organizations to help you get all the information you need before you start training to be a family therapist.