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What it Takes to Become an Educational Therapist in Wisconsin

If you want to become an educational therapist in the state of Wisconsin, then let us tell you, right up front, that you are going to have to work hard in order to do so. A career as an educational therapist or even just within the field in some degree is not easy to obtain. It requires extensive schooling and experience. Plus, once you have it, you'll need to continue working hard, to continue learning, and to continue striving to constantly be the best. If you think you can do these things and if you haven't batted an eyelash yet, then you might just have what it takes to succeed as an educational therapist.

In addition to the tangible requirements, like a degree and a strong resume, you will also need to have the inward stuff that it takes to succeed as an educational therapy professional. This includes being kind, patient, non-judgmental, understanding, considerate, ethical, determined, and having a very strong desire to help others and to improve their lives. What's more is that you have to know how to separate your work and your personal life. If you can't, you'll get burnt out all too quickly.

Once you have the inward stuff down, the rest is (almost) a piece of cake. Your first real step is to decide what career you'd like to have in this vast field or, at the very least, to get a general idea of what you'd like to do. This will greatly help you in choosing your education and ultimately in getting the career that you actually want to have. Just spend a bit of time researching different jobs, and pick out the ones that interest you the most. Then, look to see what the requirements are for those jobs. If possible, try talking with other professionals who currently have the job that you think you would like for a more "real world" perspective.

After, you've done that, then it's time to get to work…or to school rather! The lowest level degree that you can have and still get a job within the educational therapy field is a bachelor's degree. The bachelor's degree can be obtained in one of two ways. First, you can go the long route of first earning an associate's degree, typically from a community or online college, and then transferring the credits earned to a bachelor's degree program. Or, alternately, you can just do it all at once and earn your undergraduate degree from any accredited college or university. The only real benefit, aside from personal reasons, to the long route is that the two years spent at the community college pursuing your associate's degree will be the cheapest in all of your educational career.

Most working professionals in the field take it to the next level after they earn their bachelor's degree and receive a master's degree. Master's degree programs might sound super intimidating, but most people eventually come to realize that they are not. First of all, these programs are designed with working adults in mind, so many classes are held completely or partially online or, at the very least, in the evening hours. Furthermore, those coming from different academic backgrounds can still gain admission to a master's degree program in educational therapy without having to backtrack or start from scratch. Once a master's degree is earned, many more positions open themselves up, and therapists can qualify for certification and/or licensure if desired.

Of course, some people will ultimately choose to earn their PhDs. This is a smart decision that can lead to excellent job opportunities, not to mention an extremely high salary, but it is not for everyone. First of all, PhD programs can take as long as seven to eight years to complete. Secondly, they are known for being somewhat expensive. This is why the majority of people earn them while working in the field. In some cases, however, employers may be willing to fund all or part of a PhD education. The choice of what degree to get ultimately lies with you and your career dreams. If you just do what's best for those and for you, you'll be sure to meet with success.