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Utah Educational Therapy Certification

As an aspiring educational therapist living in the state of Utah, you've likely done some searching online for different academic programs that will allow you to make those career dreams and aspirations a reality. It is also very likely that you've come across many advertisements for online schools offering certifications in educational therapy. These schools typically make big promises about all of the work you can find and the many opportunities that will present themselves if you just sign up for and complete the program, which is usually quite expensive. We caution you, however, to be very careful about signing up for any such certification program.

First and foremost, let's take a look at what certification is and what it is not. Certification can refer to two things. First, it can be a statewide certification that serves as a sort of stamp of approval, saying that you know your stuff! This type of certification is only given to those who have high levels of education and years of actual experience in the field. Secondly, a certification can be an add-on to a degree that you already have. It can show that you are skilled in and/or have learned about a particular area of educational therapy.

What a certification is not, however, is a degree. It is also not, in any way, shape, or form, a substitute for an actual degree. Degrees, even at the lowest level, take at least two years to earn, and often as long as seven or eight years. Certificates are earned in just a few weeks or months. Obviosuly, then, they cannot measure up to all that you would learn and all that you would be capable of doing by earning a simple certification. In short, certifications offered online are only useful if you already have a formal education and are seeking continuing education to use in your practice or further knowledge for your own benefit or for the sake of research.

If you think that a certification is the right choice for you, after reading and understanding all of the information provided above, then you still need to proceed with caution. Certifications that are not issued by accredited colleges or universities, whether they be online or in physical locations, are of absolutely no use to you. In truth, they are a very expensive way to earn a very useless piece of paper.

This is not to say that all online institutions issuing certifications are bad. In fact, some are quite legitimate. It is just up to you to find out if the institution you are dealing with is one of the good ones or one of the bad ones. Always look them up to see if they are accredited, and then go so far as to check the status of that accreditation, being sure to note when it was last updated. A legitimate institution will have no problem providing this information to you. In fact, any good institution will take you asking as a sign that you are a serious student. Plus, you have every reason to be cautious when your money, your time, and a lot of hard work on your part are on the line.

If you don't have any formal education, then definitely consider getting one before receiving any sort of certification. A simple associate's degree or bachelor's degree is an excellent place to start. Associate's degree programs, offered by many community colleges in the state, are an affordable way to earn credits that can be transferred to a bachelor's degree program if you desire. Likewise, bachelor's degree programs give you the skills and credentials you need to seek out entry level positions within the field.

A master's degree or even a PhD are also options for those at a higher level of educational status. In short, a certification should be your last resort, after you already have all of the education that you want and need. It should never be a first choice or a stand in for years of hard work and dedication. That, after all, is what it really takes to find success in the field and to become a true educational therapist in Utah.