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Educational Therapist Salary in Oregon

In the state of Oregon, there is a great need for qualified educational therapy professionals. As such, when they do come along, they are usually snapped up instantly and enjoy nice salaries, well above the average across all professions, in addition to great benefits and excellent job security, something that, as we all know, is very difficult to come by in today's troubled economic times. While it would be impossible to pinpoint an average salary for all educational therapists in the state, since they work in so many different capacities, we can provide you with a few very helpful tips for increasing your own earnings.

Education is the Key:

No matter what your current level of education is, you can greatly improve your salary and your potential for moving forward in your career by taking your education to the next level. If you have a bachelor's degree, for example, then you are most likely stuck doing very entry level jobs in the field. You can greatly improve your opportunities and your pay by choosing to earn your master's degree. With a master's degree, you can raise your salary by earning a PhD. Even with a PhD, you can make more and increase your worth to your employer by taking continuing education courses or earning a specialized certification.

One important thing to note about continuing your education is that, more often than not, your employer, if it is within the field, will finance all or part of your education. Often this comes with the stipulation that you agree to work for that same employer for a set amount of time after you receive your degree. Furthermore, most advanced degree programs are designed with working adults in mind, making it easy to balance your family life if applicable, your career, and your continuing education.

Location, Location, Location:

Did you know that educational therapists working in Portland make far more than educational therapists working in the smaller cities in the state? You might think this is only due to the higher cost of living in the larger cities, and while that does certainly play a part, it is also due to the fact that there is more of a need for qualified professionals in this area. Therefore, by taking a chance and making a move, or even just a commute, you could greatly increase your salary.

Work Hard:

It should go without saying, but far too many people overlook the importance of being the best possible workers that they can be. The harder you work and the more you prove yourself to your employer, the more invaluable you become. And the more invaluable you are, the more likely it is that you will be the first one who comes to mind when it is time to dole out a raise or issue a promotion. So, always appreciate your job, even if it isn't exactly where you want to be at this point in your career, and do all that is asked of you and then some. That will undoubtedly go a very long way in getting you to a better position with a better salary.

Experience Counts:

In the field of educational therapy, the more experience you have, the better off you will be! This can relate to experience at a certain position or in a certain area of educational therapy, meaning that you should stay with the same area or job title for as long as you possibly can. For those just entering the field, however, gaining experience can be a bit tricky. Hands down, though, the best way for newcomers to gain experience in the field is to pursue an internship. Internships, which can be completed while you're in school or after graduation, can be paid or unpaid or may also be taken for school credit. In any case, they should be treated as seriously as you would treat a real job. This is because they could very well lead to a real job in the long run, either through an offer issued by the employer for whom you are interning or through important connections you make during the internship. Plus, they always look great on a resume.