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Can I Get an Educational Therapy Degree Online in New Mexico?

The earning of degrees online is becoming more and more common across a wide variety of different career fields. This is particularly common in the field of educational therapy, since there are so many people eager to get involved in this lucrative and very secure job market, but very few programs throughout the United States that actually deal in educational therapy. While many programs deal in highly related areas and are similar enough to gain people work in the field, there are a very small number that deal with educational therapy specifically. This is especially true in New Mexico, where educational opportunities are limited.

Therefore, if you are a New Mexico resident interested in earning a degree in educational therapy, it stands to reason that you would want to possibly get your degree online. Undoubtedly, you've heard stories from both ends of the spectrum; some people have great experiences with online schools, while others have terrible experiences. If you're feeling a bit wary because of all the talk, then this is actually good news. It means you are a responsible person who wants to get your education completed correctly and who is serious about a future career in the field. The good news for you is that there are things you can do to ensure that you find success with online schooling or traditional schooling, whichever you choose.

First and foremost, any college or university that you attend should be fully accredited. While you have to be careful of this with all schools, you must be especially cautious when dealing with online schools. For every good online school out there, there are three fake ones offering "degrees" that are essentially useless to you! If you attend an unaccredited school, all you will get for your time, money, and effort is a worthless piece of paper upon graduation. Don't let that happen to you; check for an accreditation statement. Even if you find one, check to make sure it is valid. If you are ever unable to find the accreditation statement, ask someone directly affiliated with the "college" or "university." When in doubt, always, always ask, and never, ever assume!

In addition to being sure that you choose an accredited college or university, you'll also want to make sure that you pick a legitimate degree program. This is quite, simply, a program that will actually grant you a real degree, meaning an associate's degree, a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, or a PhD. Certificate and certification programs, like diplomas from unaccredited colleges and universities, are essentially useless without a degree to back them up. These are only good for those already working or already educated in the field who need to increase or prove knowledge in a specific area. Never go for these programs as a substitute for a degree; you won't get far!

Finally, keep in mind that if you earn your degree online, then you're going to have an even harder time getting hired without completing some kind of an internship. When people attend traditional colleges and universities, they typically take trips and hear from important speakers, allowing them to gain some modicum of "real world experience." With online schooling, however, you just do reading and take part in assignments on your own or in the virtual world. For this reason, many people will hesitate to hire online college or university graduates. If, however, you can back up your education with a solid year or so of experiential learning, then you should have no problem securing work upon graduation.