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How Much Training Does it Take to Become An Educational Therapist in Hawaii?

Hawaii residents who would like to pursue careers as educational therapists tend to have lots of questions about the field. Most commonly, they want to know what it is they have to do in order to obtain their desired career goals. The answer to this question, however, is not one size fits all. The educational path a person will need to take in order to work as an educational therapist will vary depending upon what, exactly, that person wishes to do in the field. Educational therapists work in a wide variety of different capacities, and as such, take many different paths to obtain their careers.

Because of this, the first step a person should take toward becoming an educational therapist is to research the different career possibilities. From there, the person can make a decision about the one he or she is most interested in pursuing, and can start planning an appropriate academic path. For all aspiring professionals in the field, however, there are a few educational guidelines and tips that it can be extremely helpful to keep in mind while planning an educational path. First and foremost, any school that is attended, whether it's for an entry level degree or just a certification, should be fully accredited by the state. This is especially a concern for online schools. While many online institutions are good and legitimate, there are also many that are not and that serve only to take a person's money and give that person nothing of value in return. So, before enrolling in any school or program, always make sure to check and verify the accreditation status.

Degrees or certifications earned from non-accredited schools are completely useless in the field and are a complete waste of both time and money to pursue. Some degrees, even when they come from legitimate institutions, are still of no real value to aspiring educational therapists. Associate's degrees, for example, are very basic degrees that can be obtained in as little as two years. While they are cheap to earn and fairly easy to achieve, they are of virtually no use in the field. The only way to make them have value is to transfer the credits earned to an accredited bachelor's degree program. This can be a great stepping stone for many people, but it should never be regarded as an end all, be all to a career in the field.

Bachelor's degrees alone are not worth much either. While they can be used to obtain entry level positions in the field, these are not the lucrative, prestigious positions most people dream of when they dream of becoming educational therapists. For those careers, at least a master's level degree is required. Master's degrees can only be obtained after a bachelor's degree, though it need not be related, is earned. They typically take around one to three years to complete, dependent upon several factors, and qualify the person for all types of work in the field.