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What is a Career in Educational Therapy Like in Alabama?

In the state of Alabama and throughout the rest of the world, educational therapists are hired to work with patients suffering from learning disabilities or who have other problems with learning or that present a challenge to their learning abilities. The goal of the educational therapist is essentially to help the patient learn how to learn in a manner that is effective for that patient. As such, being an educational therapist is a career that many individuals find incredibly rewarding. It does, of course, take some work to get there, but Alabama residents have many options for making their career aspirations in the field a reality. Not only are there many wonderful schools that offer programs in educational therapy, but the job market for these professionals in Alabama is huge, making it easy to get a job with the appropriate educational background.

Educational therapists working in the state have a wide variety of options as to where they choose to work. Some educational therapists open their own private practices, while others go to work at the practices of others. Educational therapists may also commonly work within the school system, at special facilities created to help those with specific or a variety of learning disorders, in the workplaces of patients, or with special organizations that help to find employment for those with learning disabilities or impairments. Many educational therapists also work in a research aspect of the field, studying and learning about learning disabilities and the best ways to treat them or even to stop them from occurring. Alabama educational therapists, for the most part, enjoy salaries that are well above the state average across most professions. They also tend to have increased job security as compared to other professions. Salary and job security, of course, do depend somewhat on the exact area of educational therapy in which the person works and on his or her level of experience and education.

An education is the most important factor to securing work in the educational therapy field and to enjoy a long and lasting career in it. In order to practice as a real educational therapist in the state of Alabama, at least a master's level degree is required. However, some jobs may be available to those having bachelor's degrees, though they tend to be more entry level positions and do not pay as well. Associate's degrees in the field are essentially useless, unless the individual plans to transfer credits earned to a bachelor's degree program.

Those who are seriously interested in pursuing a career in educational therapy, then, should go into the process fully aware of the academic expectations they will need to meet. Those who have a clear picture of what reaching their goals will take before starting down the path toward them are much more likely to experience success and to eventually make their career dreams come true. While it's not easy to become an educational therapist, it is incredibly personally rewarding.