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Educational Therapist Training

A career as an educational therapist is extremely challenging yet just as equally rewarding. The training to become an educational therapist is just the same. An individual must be highly motivated and eager to learn in order to become an educational therapist. They will be faced with many challenges and obstacles and overcoming each one will bring them one triumphant step closer to fulfilling the dream of becoming an educational therapist.

Training to become an educational therapist begins with earning a degree from a school or university. Usually, this degree will be in teaching but it doesn't necessarily have to be. For example, one could have a degree in early childhood development or child psychology rather than teaching. It educational therapist in traininghelps to have a degree in teaching since the educational therapist helps students and others who have difficulty learning by standard teaching methods.

After earning a degree, one would need to continue their schooling and training with the national Association of Educational Therapists (AET). They are the organization that trains and certifies all educational therapists in the United States. They are also providing furthering education and continuing education opportunities for current educational therapists.

What Training Does AET Offer Educational Therapists?

The national Association of Educational Therapists gives new graduates interested in becoming educational therapists the opportunity for the additional training that they will require to become certified educational therapists. They offer a number of ways to receive this additional education. Students who are near one of their accredited schools may attend classes their in order to receive certification. The schools currently offering classes for certification:

  • Holy Names University, Oakland, CA
  • California State University, Northridge, Northridge, CA
  • UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, CA
  • University of California at Riverside, Riverside, CA

AET also has an Educational Therapy Institute located in Chicago, IL. The Educational Therapy Institute provides the highest level of training available to educational therapists and other professionals in related fields to meet the demands for comprehensively trained educational intervention specialists. The ETI offers two education options to accommodate the needs of educational therapists who want to keep their skills and practices up to date and other professionals who would like to make the career change to educational therapy.

For those individuals who are interested in a career in educational therapy but are not near a university that provides educational therapy courses, there are available university level courses in educational psychology and special education which will prepare the student while earning them a masters degree in the process. By taking extension classes and extra workshops, students may be able to develop a curriculum that will meet the professional requirements for membership in AET. As courses and classes can sometimes have different names at different universities, it is important to achieving adequate training for educational therapy, that the student consult with the college counselor for assistance in developing a full list of courses that will allow them to meet their educational objective of being certified as an educational therapist.