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Educational Therapist Schools

Educational therapists are like many other therapist in that it is important that they must complete a number of years of school in a higher learning institution before they can become certified to practice educational therapy. Educational therapists generally will have gone to school to become teachers, or they will have been certified as teachers. Educational therapists are people who want to or enjoy helping students, some young some old, that have difficulties with the learning process. Sometimes these difficulties may be related to psychological problems or often times they will be developmental. The educational therapist will be able to diagnose such problems and offer patients a course of treatment specialized for him or her that will help to remove those impediments that are preventing the student from learning correctly.

Where to go to school to become a educational therapist?

Individuals who are interested in becoming educational therapists should first consider getting a degree in teaching, particularly pursuing a course of study in special education. This will better prepare a person for the training required to become an educational therapist. An educational therapist is,educational therapy college in essence, a teacher for those students who are unable to learn by conventional methods in regular classrooms. The educational therapist will be required to structure learning programs for each individual patient that they treat. A background in education will prove invaluable to the educational therapist in that regard.

There are a multitude of schools across the United States that offer degree programs in education. Some even offer shorter, certificate programs for teachers. Most full degree study programs are four years to become a teacher. Most state colleges offer teaching degree programs. Teaching certificate programs, usually offered at community colleges, are two year courses.

For those people who would prefer to earn a teaching degree or certificate online, there are also many choices available. Just a few of the schools that are available online are:

Walden University, offering:

  • MS in Ed. - Elementary Reading and Math (Grades K-6)
  • MS in Ed. - Elementary Reading and Literacy (Grades preK-6 BS in Child Dev. - Child & Adolescent Studies.

Remember, this is only a few of the options for online courses related to getting a teaching degree or certificate.

After obtaining a degree, preferably in teaching, someone wanting to be an educational therapist should then apply for membership to the national Association of Educational Therapists (AET). Gaining membership to the national Association of Educational Therapists grants you access to the tools you will need to become a professional educational therapist. They offer all of the necessary training and certifications required to practice educational therapy. The AET has its own institute, the Educational Therapy Institute, where individuals who are able to attend will earn the required certifications.

The AET also offers its members continuing education options. Keeping up with the latest trends in the educational therapy world is very important as methods and implementations are ever evolving and changing how educational therapy is practiced.