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Educational Therapist Salaries

Educational therapists, like most other therapists have salaries that depend on a number of different variables. Overall, an educational therapist can expect a better than average salary as compared to other jobs that require equal or less education. Some educational therapists who have attained higher levels of education, such as PhD's, and who have a longer experience working as an educational therapist, will be able to command higher salaries than those who have just graduated and been certified as educational therapists. Where an educational therapist chooses to work will also directly impact the amount of salary they can expect.

Where can an Educational Therapist work?

Educational therapists have numerous options as to where they can work and those options will have a direct impact on the therapist's earnings. Those that choose to operate private practices will more often than not earn the highest amount of salary of any educational therapist. This iswages of an educational therapist because they are able to set the price that they will charge their patients and also because they can choose the hours they want to work and the number of patients they wish to have. Despite the overhead costs they may incur to have a private practice, these educational therapists will make the most, averaging close to $80,000 per year and more.

Individuals who choose to work in schools as educational therapists may have some advantages over those who choose private practice. Generally, working as a therapist in a school, one would only work during the school year and would have the summer off like the kids. This may not always be the case, though, as some students may require additional help during the summer break. An educational therapist working in a school will generally earn roughly $55,000 to $60,000 per year and they are paid by the hour instead of by the case. This may be higher or lower depending on the therapist's location in the US.

Educational therapists may also choose to work in learning centers. A learning center is a place outside of a regular school that helps children who are educationally challenged find the reasons why and overcome them. Educational therapists working in this type of environment are likely to be paid by the hour but they may receive a straight salary, depending on the company they are working for. Educational therapists working in learning centers can expect to earn on average about $60,000 per year.

Educational therapist is a high demand job and there is never a shortage of positions available, whether it be in a school or learning center or some other environment. The educational therapist will enjoy job growth in the future, as well. They can expect regular salary increases, too. A recommended way for a educational therapist to increase his or her salary is to continue their education. Higher education almost always demands higher pay and it can never hurt the educational therapist to stay up on the latest tips and techniques in the field of educational therapy.