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Educational Therapist Certification

Educational therapists, like most other therapists and counselors, need to be well educated and trained in their field of expertise. An educational therapist will at the very least need to be a graduate of a four year college program, most likely in a teaching field such as special education or early childhood development. Once a person graduates and earns that degree, they must then move on to the training portion of their career. The national Association of Educational Therapists offers a number of options in that regard.

The national Association of Educational Therapists is the only body available to provide educational therapists with the necessary certification to practice therapy as educational therapists. Individuals must receive certification from the AET in order to practice therapy as an educational therapist.educational therapist license

How do I get certified to be an Educational Therapist?

Once graduates determine that they want to be educational therapists, they will need to begin training at the national Association of Educational Therapists. The AET offers a number of options, including several campuses in California and their very own Educational Therapy Institute in Chicago, IL. Attendance and completion of any of the programs at one of these schools will earn the graduate certification from the AET and then he or she will be free to begin practicing educational therapy as they will.

For those people who don't live near one of the Association of Educational Therapists accredited schools or institutes, there is also the option to attend classes at a university or college near where you are. This is possible if you are able to figure out which classes will translate to the required credits needed to earn certification as an educational therapist. You can work this out with help from the college or university's guidance counselor. They can assist you in determining which classes will most appropriately translate to the classes you would take at one of the accredited universities or institutes. A list of these classes is available for you to take to your counselor.

Choosing a career as an educational therapist is very admirable and noble. An educational therapist can can act as the life line to a child who is constantly struggling with reading, math and other necessary real world skills which without, they would be ill equipped for life as an adult. Gaining certification from the national Association of Educational Therapists is the all important final step in the long journey to becoming an educational therapist and is a thing to be proud of. After receiving the proper training and certification, a person will be prepared to handle even the most challenging of cases. They will be assisting young children, teenagers, as well as adults in addressing and correcting the difficulties they may be having when trying to learn. Educational therapists provide one of the most valuable resources in the therapy world. Without educational therapists, some children and students would be left without any answers or help to figure out and fix their educational deficiencies.